5 Different Wall Materials for Cold storage Warehouses

Wall Materials for Cold storage Warehouses

Perishable foods or temperature sensitive products need cold storage to stay usable. Businesses that deal with these types of products usually have their own cold rooms to begin with. As a small business begins to grow, it may need to expand their storage size and get a cold storage warehouse. A cold storage warehouse has the capabilities to box, pack, and ship within the warehouse itself through refrigerated couriers. What this means is that there will be a lot of traffic in an environment that should be kept sanitary for the product.

To keep a cold storage facility clean and sanitary, choose the right interior walling material. A clean sanitary wall should have a smooth surface that is easy to clean and durable structure. The wall should also be  chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, not have crevices, or not easily cracked. Some options for interior walls are:

  • seamless poured concrete
  • concrete blocks
  • PVC panels
  • fiberglass panels (FRP)
  • glazed ceramic tile

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Seamless poured concrete

– is often recommend because it is smooth, durable, and seamless. However, it is also difficult to install for large complexes and expensive.

Concrete blocks:

– are often susceptible to collecting dust and moisture due to the ledges and crevices formed from stacking the blocks in certain patterns. To ensure proper durability and cleanability, additional steps such as semi-gloss or gloss epoxy enamel paint need to be applied.

PVC panels:

– are probably the easiest to install walling material out of the list. The panels are screwed directly into the studs or on a substrate. With ½ inch thickness and interlocking sides, the panels are durable, smooth, and seamless.

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Fiberglass panels (FRP):

– are thin plastic sheets that are applied to a backer through adhesive. The durability comes from the additional backer that needs to be installed before having trained installers start on FRP.  These panels provide good durability, but can be easily damaged or improperly maintained and cause problems such as mold or bacteria build up in crevices.

Glazed Ceramic Tile:

– is durable and resistant to many chemicals. However, installing is difficult and cracks can lead to water absorption.

Overall, most materials can get the initial job done when providing clean and sanitary walling to a facility. The main differences are the time and costs of a complicated installation, and also the resistance of daily and yearly maintenance a material can give. For the fastest installation and lowest maintenance, choose Duramax Trusscore PVC panels as your walling material! Give us a call at 323-831-3979 for a quote today!



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