5 Industries that Should Stop Using FRP Wall Panels

5 industries that should stop using FRP wall panels

Do you have FRP panels installed in your walls and its delaminating? Well, there was once a time when  FRP wall panels used to be the only solution, (not really a solution) for high moisture environments, but now vinyl wall panels is the newest innovation in water resistant wall panels. Vinyl is used because the panels do not need wooden backers, which eliminates a vulnerability. It’s a long-term solution. This article we will talk about commercial kitchens, fisheries and agriculture, cannabis grow rooms, dairy farms, and car washes. If you are interested in another application, feel free to call us at 323-352-9279 to see if you are a right fit for vinyl panels.


Now take a look at the industries where vinyl is highly used:

Commercial kitchens

A commercial kitchen is a zone that’s filled with fumes, oil, moisture, heat etc. Over the years, kitchen walls can begin to deteriorate fast. Yes, Duramax PVC panels are designed for such walls and for such environment. Our wall panels not only take care of the walls but ensure a healthy and safe environment for cooking, preparing food. If there is mold, mildew, bacteria and formation of microorganisms all around, there would be chances of food poisoning after consumption and the cooks inside would also suffer terribly. Our panels are also fire-resistant.


Fisheries and agriculture

Fisheries and agricultural hubs have a very moisture-filled and sensitive environment. If the interior does not remain sanitary, you cannot expect fish to thrive and it’s the same for agriculture. The vegetable and fruits would mold if they would be stored in rooms that have water damage and bacteria building. From fishing to agriculture to food processing, a walling material that is water resistant, easy to clean, and anti-bacterial should be used.


Cannabis grow rooms

Cannabis grow well in a humid and moisture filled environment but the excess moisture can be very harmful for the walls and the interior. It’s ideal to install water-resistant wall panels so that your plants grow well and the interior remains moisture-free. Do you know that cannabis also need some amount of light to grow nicely? Duramax manufactures light-reflective wall panels ideal for grow rooms. Invest in vinyl panels and grow your cannabis inside grow rooms effortlessly.


Dairy farms

Dairy farms store milk, the interior is very humid very much prone to form bacteria and mold. To maintain proper hygiene of dairy rooms, install vinyl panels that have anti-mold properties. Remember, there are many workers who work inside these farms, their health condition matters and the milk must be prevented from food poisoning.


Car washes

Your car wash garage is filled with moisture, water, chemicals, etc. FRP is not the right material for your garage; it tends to rot with moisture. There are many car washes that decided to go with cheaper material and now have peeling walls with water damage. A few years later they are now having to remodel with vinyl panels. So invest now with vinyl panels and prevent repair costs over the years.

Overall, our panels are a great solution for high moisture, hygienic, and low maintenance businesses. Our panels come with over 10 years warranty, manufactured in Los Angeles, CA and meet FDA requirements for hygienic standards. Installing our vinyl panels is like a one-time investment; it’s going to last a lifetime. Work with Duramax Trusscore and get factory direct prices, no middle-man. Give us a call at 323-352-9279 for a free consultation and quote.



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