5 Reason Why Vinyl Panels are Ideal for Car Washes

Vinyl Panels are Ideal for Car Washes

There are many different types of materials used for building car wash facilities. Some include:

  • Masonry
  • Metal / Steel
  • Wood (pressure treated)
  • Vinyl Panels
  • Glass Building

Car Washes require a building material that is durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant. The best type of material is concrete because it can withstand the demanding atmosphere of a car wash. Wood is vulnerable to water so it should avoid obvious areas such as the floor.

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1. Installation

When it comes to installation, Vinyl panels take first place in speed and ease. With an innovative interlocking system, the panels only need to be screwed on one side while the other is interlocked with the next panel. These panels are also lightweight and easy to move so it can be done with 1 person. Of course, even though it is easy, fast, and a one-man job, it still has the quality and durability that is needed.

2. Durability

Vinyl panels are completely chemical resistant, heat resistant, and never wear. Vinyl panels actually last a lifetime. Unlike metal or wood, vinyl cannot rust, cannot decompose, no termites, no paint necessary and completely waterproof.

3. Water Resistance

Coverings are also important when building the walls of a car wash. Materials that are not waterproof should have some form of cover or coating to avoid damages. A great option for walling is Vinyl Panels. Vinyl panels are completely waterproof, chemical resistant, and durable. Unlike wood and concrete, vinyl panels are not porous and therefore cannot absorb water. You also do not need to paint or cover the vinyl panels either.

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4. Maintenance

Vinyl Panels require very little to none maintenance. Simply spray with a high powered hose and the panels retain their original profile and gloss. Metal and Steel can be corroded by water through rust. Glass is waterproof and chemical resistant but not durable for the car wash environment. Masonry is durable but may not be chemical resistant. Overall the different options for car wash building materials all provide a solution, however some solutions have more maintenance requirements than the rest.

5. Looks fantastic

Vinyl panels interlock and have a seamless, smooth, bright look. Since the panels are low maintenance and easy to clean, they never lose that brand new look. Paint can chip, and metal can rust, but vinyl is everlasting. The reflective surfaces of vinyl panels means a brighter atmosphere without needed more lights. And the best part is that you can get your own sample sent directly to you for free!


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