5 Worst Things That Wall Mold Can Do To Your Business


Mold is a type of fungi that thrives in humid environments. In buildings, mold usually grows hidden in the cavities of walls, within porous walls, or when adhesive catches debris that can be used as a food source for mold. Building materials play a big part in the formation of mold; as certain materials are immune to mold while others can stimulate mold.

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Wall and Ceiling mold can be prevented through proper ventilation of all hidden areas, or an easier approach is to use building materials designed to prevent mold. Vinyl Wall Panels are not porous, cannot absorb moisture, and are anti-mold. Here are 5 of the worst things that can happen if mold prevention is not invested in during building construction.

Pause in Operations

Once a mold issue has become big enough to cause damage, repairs may take several days or weeks to finish. During this time, operations may have to be paused causing a loss in production and revenue. For a food processing facility or farming operation, this can be detrimental for the business. The costs to prevent this issue far outweigh the costs to repair damages.

Expensive Repairs

Mold that is left unchecked can spread throughout the structure of a building. The building material is fed on and broken down. In fact, some building materials act as a catalyst for mold growth. Cement is porous and allows for deep penetration of moisture so mold can grow for long periods of time before being noticed. Adhesive used for FRP Panels or Tiling can assist mold growth by attracting organic material to use as food.

As mold spreads through building materials and even carpet, cleaning often requires complete replacement of the material, resulting in a large expense. Since the fungi is released into the air, ventilation systems can transport the mold or even harbor it in the vents. Spores can travel to other locations of the building or manifest inside the HVAC system, which might have even higher costs to restructure or replace.

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Ruined Product

Many Indoor Growing Facilities experience high humidity due to water use and plant growth. Combined with an indoor environment, mold is extremely susceptible to form on surfaces that retain moisture. As mold forms, it can then travel in the air and to the crop itself. This is extremely dangerous as once mold forms on crops, they must be destroyed in order to prevent spreading to the rest of the batch.

In Cannabis growing facilities, containment and hygiene are extremely important. The main goal is to have consistent measurements for experimentation and growth. The intrusion of mold can potentially cause an entire batch of plants to be destroyed which means a huge hit on revenue.

Decrease in Property Value

There are times where mold can have spread so thoroughly in a building that it may be impossible to completely get rid of. In these scenarios the risk of additional hidden mold being discovered is possible, thus affecting the value of the property. Since it is required by law to disclose any information about mold damages that occurred in a property, the risk may decrease any selling or leasing price.

Health Problems

As the spores of the fungi is spread into the air, it is breathed in by humans and animals in the facility. The fungi can cause skin, throat, eye, or nose irritation and even lung infection to people sensitive to mold. Dangerous work environments that can be a liability to any injured parties.

Animals experience the same effects of mold as humans. This can be potentially dangerous to livestock that produces food for a business. Disease and health issues can affect the overall production of livestock and decrease the revenue generated from a farm.

Overall, mold is a dangerous and costly result of moisture-absorbing materials in high humidity environments. The damages in repair and health far outweigh the investments in preventing mold. With the cutting edge technology in 2018, certain building materials such as Vinyl Wall Panels provide an all-around solution to mold and hygiene. With the proper planning and building materials available today, mold should no longer be a threat.

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