A vinyl wall panel is essential if you want to make your restaurant and its kitchen perfect and keep it hygienic

restaurant wall panels

Do you own a restaurant, it’s a new one, and you like to take every precaution about its perfect maintenance since the beginning of its operation? Well, you are focusing on the interiors, do not forget to protect the walls of the kitchen and the rest of the dining area also. Duramax offers premium wall panels that are apt for installing in moisture-filled areas commercial interiors. 


Our commercial kitchen wall panels are 100% waterproof; this ensures the panels stay free from mold and bacterial growth. Do you want to know how we provide the panels won’t absorb any amount of moisture? Our vinyl panels do not have any backers; this ensures no amount of moisture would seep into the panels and destroy the walls. The absence of backers is due to the modern technology implemented in designing these panels. This is how the vinyl panels are so different from FRP in terms of waterproofing. If you are aiming to install a wall panel on the walls of your commercial kitchen, do not plan to install FRP. These panels have backers made of OSB, Plywood, or Drywall, which continuously absorb all the moisture, water vapor, and smoke inside a kitchen. All the moisture accumulates between the panels and the walls, which gradually damages both resulting in the peeling of wall panels. This is why installing waterproof panels is a must for a restaurant kitchen area where cooking goes on for long hours. 

If you are looking for top restaurant wall panels so that you can also cover up the rest of the dining space, trust Duramax. We are into this business for more than 40 years and offer nothing but quality and affordable products. Our panels are passed through an automated quality test before it is delivered to the market. All the products are ASTM tested to ensure we supply only FDA compliant wall panels. Resistance and safety are two essential factors that our vinyl panels possess; the panels are insulated, resistant to chemicals, and have a 1-hour fire grade, which keeps any sudden fire hazard at bay.

The panels are white; it looks clean and bright; our vinyl panels are light-reflective, which can keep your energy bills low by evenly distributing the reflected light. Our panels have the most extended lifespan compared to all other wall panels; it can last for a minimum of 25-30 years, which is almost for a lifetime. PVC panels are also very easy to clean; you do not need to maintain a strict maintenance schedule. These have a very smooth surface, which allows easy cleaning and no growth of bacteria beneath the surface. 

Installation is very simple; PVC panels attach directly to the studs. There are tongues and grooves for better interlocking of every panel; there is no additional expense on purchasing extra materials and no extra labor charges apart from hiring a single professional for quick installation. 

For restaurant wall panels, visit our office for a consultation, visit our website for a free sample. Call us for more information, get a free consultation—request for a quote.


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