A Water Resistant Wall System That Saves 4x Your Time


For projects that need water resistant walls, most think of using FRP, or Fiber Reinforced Panels. FRP wall panels require 2 laborers, an OSB backer, adhesive, and fasteners to finish the job. Although this used to be the most effective way to provide water resistant walls, there is a new product out there that is designed much more efficient. Vinyl Wall Panels is an advanced product that keeps the installer in mind.

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No Additional Material

With a 1 inch thickness, Vinyl Wall Panels do not need a backer or OSB like FRP panels do. No adhesive or fasteners are needed which means that the job can be done with only 1 person. This reduces the installation time by 4x and if the project is big enough, it would save thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Easy Installation

Each panel being 16 inches wide, it is designed to be easily handled by one person. Duramax Trusscore is unique in offering perforated lining on each panel so screws are placed evenly. A panel is directly attached to the stud walls and interlocks with one another creating a seamless surface. No mess with adhesives, no alignment errors with FRP sheets, no chances of air bubbles or delamination occurs when using Vinyl Panels.

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No Callbacks

Built off of the practicality of FRP, Vinyl Wall Panels are completely water resistant, and water vapor will not threaten to delaminate, warp, or rot the panel itself. FRP’s wooden backer is a weak point that has many possibilities to breaking down, such as weak adhesive, air bubbles in the sheets, or just mold in the wood. This could lead to costly callbacks of the installers.

Made and shipped in the USA, Duramax Trusscore provides the highest quality of vinyl products. Vinyl panels with top quality should be able to cut like butter. Backed by our $25,000 guarantee, we are confident our panels outcompete all other building materials in water resiliency, hygienic property, and lifespan.


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