Advantages of Installing PVC Panels over FRP Panels

When it comes to interior walling of residential or commercial buildings, there are several options. Among them, wall panels are considered to be the most convenient and ideal. These panels come in different materials like, tile, wood or plastic. In buildings where there are high humidity conditions or the environment is perpetually wet, plastic wall panels are thought to be the perfect solution. This is because plastic is known for its durability and resistance to water. This is the main reason why plastic wall panels are specifically chosen for commercial facilities like, grow rooms, dairy farms, horse stables and commercial kitchens.


Today, we will be discussing two of the most popular plastic wall panel options, namely PVC panels and FRP wall board.

Since FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) panels have been in use for a long time and can be traced back to the 1930s, people think that installing FRP panels is a superior option. But, in reality, vinyl panels are superior as they are created with advanced technology and innovative material. The primary difference between the two is the installation process. So, take a look below to find out the advantages that you will gain by installing Duramax’s PVC panels over FRP panels.

Installing PVC panels is cost-effective and simple

You might think that the initial FRP cost is lower than PVC panels, PVC panels cost less in the long-run. This is largely because FRP wall boards require several different parts to complete the installation. You will have to pre-install a backer before installing FRP panels, which can be drywall, plywood or a similar substrate. That’s not all. You have to hire a professional laborers to install FRP panels as applying adhesive to the panel and the wall requires precision that only professionals offer. There must be gaps left between each FRP panel so that trim can be added. To secure the adhesive, you also need to apply rivets and fasteners.

As you can see, the installation of FRP panels is a complicated and overwhelming process. Once you factor in the cost of the material and labor for the backer, you will see that FRP panels cost a lot more than PVC panels.

On the other hand, installing Duramax’s PVC panels is easy and simple. Installation is done mechanically with screws into the studs. You do not need adhesives. Each of our panels come with perforated flanges that guide how much space should be there in between the screws. Once you have screwed in the first side, the other side interlocks with the next panel. Our 16-inch panels do not need backers and they are lightweight. You can install them yourself and save on both material and labor cost. Also, trim can be applied around the edges and not between each panel.

So, it can be seen that installing PVC panels does not take much time, labor or extra materials. Their interlocking technology makes them perfect for wet and humid environments. Call us to get a free sample delivered to you.