Bad Effects Of Moisture On The Interior Walls Of Grow Rooms


Humidity can be defined as the amount of the moisture that is present in the air. It has an effect on every single element that is present in the world, which also includes the walls in grow rooms. The moisture content can cause saturation in the walls and it will further cause different problems for the grow room.

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Apart from that, low humidity can also be equally disastrous for plant growth. The importance of retaining moisture levels in a capacity that the walls can withstand is very high. Read ahead more to find out about the effect that humidity can have on the interior walls of the grow rooms. Also, find out how to preserve the grow room walls by choosing the right building material.

1. Mildew And Mold

In the grow rooms, moisture increase is always present as plants grow. These spaces tend to replicate the humid jungle environment which is optimal for growth. With the combination of humidity and moisture, the interior walls in the grow room can potentially ruin the crop. Walls that are porous are especially vulnerable. The grow room vinyl panels designed specifically to prevent mold and contains no pores.

2. Health Issues

Excess moisture and humidity in the air will obviously result in the formation of mildew and mold. This can have a negative effect on atmosphere and air quality. Employees that work in the area may be breathing harmful spores from the mold. This can cause eye, skin, or lung infections.

3. Damaged Plants

Having mold can result in the damage of plants. Pores that spread through the air can habitat on the plants and spread. Mold is extremely contagious and is known to destroy entire batches of plants. With the health code standards of today, keeping the product at the highest level of sanitation is a must.
Overall the damages of not having the right ventilation and wall material could be disastrous to a grow operation. The cost of preventive measures are far less than what the consequences could be. Invest in Duramax Vinyl wall panels to ensure these risks are not a possibility.

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