Buy PVC Wall Panel Instead of FRP For Grow Rooms

Buy PVC Wall Panel Instead of FRP For Grow Rooms

When it comes to redesigning the walls and ceilings of grow rooms, using the right kind of paneling material becomes essential for the operation. While FRP panels are an option, they are not very good because they don’t have all the qualities that a grow room needs.

Here, in this article, we will be telling you why you vinyl panels are a better solution over FRP panels for grow rooms. Get a free consultation on PVC Wall panels today by calling 323-831-3979.



FRP panels are comparatively a lot more difficult to install. The reason behind this is that they require more additional materials such as a backer and adhesive. This means that FRP requires 2 trained installers to get the job done without any complications.

When it comes to vinyl panels, the requirements are comparatively less. These panels do not need any form of adhesives and backers for the installation. It is because vinyl panels are thicker and act as the backer itself. So, in simple words, it can be said that PVC panels are a better option since it requires just one man to install them whereas FRP panels need more than one.


When the costs of both the panels are compared, PVC panels initially cost more than FRP. This is because PVC panels are the complete walling solution while FRP is just a wall liner that still needs a wall to apply on.


PVC requires a lot less labor cost due to the faster installation, due to the panels being mechanically attached to the studs and job can be done by just one man. But FRP requires two trained installers for a longer period of time which makes them a much more expensive in labor.


Apart from that, vinyl panels don’t delaminate, and they are not susceptible to the callbacks as well. After a few years, FRP would need replacing while PVC stays new. With vinyl panels, daily cleaning is faster and easier, and the risk of mold is decreased, providing additional value.

So, initially PVC may cost more, but through labor and long-term maintenance PVC has an advantage.

Mold, Water, Fire Resistance

One of the most important things to notice in case of PVC wall and ceiling panels is their resistance to water and fire. So, they can be a good choice for the grow rooms. Since they are made up of waterproof material and interlock to create a seamless surface, these panels can withstand high humidity. With a 1-hour fire grade, these panels are compliant with building safety and FDA requirements.


On the other hand, FRP panels have got the wooden backer and trim between each panel which sometimes traps the water vapor inside. This can lead to unsuspected mold growing behind the panels. Mold that spreads to the plants can damage the entire batch and that is why FRP cannot be used in the grow rooms. This is where vinyl panels are the ultimate solution.


There are some other reasons why FRP panels are not suitable enough for grow rooms as PVC panels. The cleaning procedure is one of them. FRP panels require more cleaning because of their rough surfaces whereas vinyl panels have smooth seamless surface that is easy to clean.


So, by now you surely know that PVC panels are a better option for grow rooms. Also, these panels have a longer lifespan than Metal and FRP panels. If you need more consultation on this topic, then you can call Duramax at 323-831-3979 as they are the top vinyl wall panel suppliers.



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