Choose Duramax PVC panels when you are looking for FRP alternatives

Waterproof Vinyl Panel

Today we are talking about a very enthusiastic customer who runs his own indoor grow room facility. It has been a couple of years since he began this grow room and he takes detailed consideration of the plants. In any case, we were stressed to see obvious sogginess on the walls, and promptly he was ignorant regarding what he would do. After researching the web, he found that vinyl commercial wall panels can be of great assistance. Yet, once more, he was overpowered to see different sorts of wall paneling materials and didn’t know which one to pick. He continued researching various wall paneling companies, asked his friends and relatives, and lastly called Duramax. 


He likewise invested some energy learning about PVC boards, and he had the option to comprehend that vinyl has specific characteristics that make it so demanding. Since he needed to know more and talk about his necessities, we mentioned him to book a free discussion with our specialists. Robert initially imparted to us that one of his friends had recommended him to pick FRP wallboard. He needed to know how vinyl boards were superior to FRP. 

If you have such inquiries as a top priority, read this blog cautiously. FRP panels can give indications of delamination and make the grow room walls get more affected by dampness. You realize that grow rooms have so much dampness, which causes the plants to develop, yet it’s not suitable for the walls and ceiling.

The principal reason is that FRP has backers made of (OSB, Plywood, or Drywall). These backers can go about as a foe by drawing in a great deal of dampness from the inside climate. Dampness saturates the walls through the backers, gradually obliterating the boards and the walls. Vinyl panels are dampness safe, and the principal purpose behind it is the assembling innovation where the backers are missing. This is the reason our panels are additionally mold, bacteria, and microbes safe. Robert was searching for a sturdy and longer-enduring wall panel arrangement. As indicated by Duramax, nothing could be more appropriate than current vinyl boards. 

When introduced, the panels can keep going for around 40-50 years with no enormous upkeep. If you are stressed over tidying up the grow room inside, vinyl boards introduced on the walls and roof can make the cleaning process simpler. There is no compelling reason to clean the vinyl panels consistently. PVC has a smooth surface with no cervices, which makes the cleaning bother free, ensuring that no microorganisms can get by underneath the surface. If you contrast vinyl with an FRP board, its unpleasant and lopsided surface makes regular cleaning an errand. 

Some more advantages incorporate security factors, which are of no less significance. The boards are substance safe, which implies the panels won’t be affected if it interacts with any plant medication, manures, or supplements. Additionally, the panels are not quickly ignitable; these have a 1-hour fire grade. Duramax grows room panels are ASTM certified and FDA agreeable. 

Grow rooms need an appropriate circulation of light for the development of medicinal plants. Our PVC panels are white and light-intelligent, which can equally convey mirrored light. The advantage is keeping energy charges low in the wake of introducing the panels.  

Vinyl panels are one of the ideal FRP alternatives; choose Duramax panels. Visit our site for a free consultation and a free sample and request a quote.

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