Choose to install waterproof garage wall panels as Owen did for his car wash garage

garage wall panels

Owen is just about to open his own car wash garage, and he feels that he would do the whole interiors before inaugurating. He discussed with his friends and realized that the garage walls could be affected by dampness after a few months of constant exposure to water and soaps. 


Thus, he was looking for a solution, a wall covering that could protect the garage walls. After a discussion and a lot of internet research, he decided to install garage wall panels. He started looking for vinyl panel manufacturers in his area and finally decided to touch with Duramax. He was interested in coming for consultation with Duramax before he installed vinyl panels. He looked at our website; he told us that he watched the products, read the details, and the testimonials, and now he feels that Duramax offers only quality panels. 

Owen asked us why FRP Is not a suitable choice for car wash garages. We explained to him that FRP panels are not waterproof due to the presence of backers. Moisture gets into the backers; it gets into the walls through the panels. The panels gradually delaminate, also the walls are entirely damaged. This only increases the expenses you need to spend money on repairing the walls and install a new wall cover. So why not choose to install a lifetime solution? Install waterproof garage wall panels that could last for a lifetime, almost 25-30 years. The PVC panels do not have backers; thus, the walls and panels remain free from moisture and damage. Now that Owen knows the disadvantages of FRP, he decided to choose nothing but vinyl panels. In all, you should know that FRP wall panels are not suitable for moisture-filed commercial interiors. 

While installing car wash panels, Owen was eager to know how safe the panels are. We ensured that the products are manufactured with care. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade, which means that the panels can prevent sudden fire hazards for a minimum of 1 hour. The panels are also chemical-resistant. We believe in offering only quality panels; all products are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. Those again go through a quality test before its delivered to the clients. Affordability is the key; the panels are manufactured in our factory in the USA. This is why our panels are inexpensive. 

We also told Owen that cleaning the garage would be easier; the walls won’t get dirty frequently with dirty soap water spills. Our panels are easy to maintain, does not need regular cleaning. The PVC panels have a smooth surface with no creases; this is not favorable for bacteria to survive beneath the surface. 

Statics say that customers could save 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material cost by installing vinyl wall panels. If you have a project, it’s time to discuss it with us. Please refer to our website for more information, ask for a free sample. Book a free personal consultation and request for a quote.


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