Clive revamped his commercial kitchen by installing vinyl panels and now it is more hygienic

commercial kitchen wall covering

Clive runs a commercial kitchen; the interior is now gradually getting damaged and now he wishes to revamp it. Commercial kitchens are inspected regularly by a team from the government to ensure that all commercial kitchens are maintaining proper hygiene. His kitchen walls are affected by the ample grease, damp, oil spills, etc, the FRP panels that he installed a few years ago are peeling off. 

Now he had a consultation with the Duramax PVC Panels team and we suggested he install vinyl commercial kitchen wall covering. We have so many clients reaching us for consultation and it has been almost 40 years that we are into this business.


Clive has spent a lot of money on setting up his own eating house and his business is also not doing very great at the moment so he spoke to us about the budget. We suggested to him that no other wall panel is as long-lasting as vinyl, it could last for almost twenty to thirty years. Duramax panels are manufactured from high-quality vinyl; the panels are also 100% water-resistant.

When he asked our experts why the FRP is peeling off, we told him that FRP is not suitable for commercial interiors that have excess moisture. These panels have OSB, Plywood, or Drywall backers that attract moisture which gets trapped between the panels and the walls. When this happens continuously, for a prolonged period there is mold formation, rotting and the walls start falling apart. PVC panels are also mold and bacteria resistant and these panels can keep your walls as good as new.

Clive was also very inquisitive about the quality and safety standards of these panels. We ensured that our vinyl panels are very safe to use, it has a 1-hour fire grade that can prevent any immediate fire outbreak, and the panels are also chemical resistant. Duramax manufactures quality vinyl panels; these are all ASTM certified and FDA compliant. Upon installing vinyl panels Clive could make his commercial kitchen very hygienic and he can maintain the sanitary standards of his commercial kitchen. He told us that after the vinyl panel installation, his kitchen is ready for inspection, he is feeling confident.

Clive also told us that he is not worried about cleaning the walls; these wall panels do not require regular maintenance and are also very easy to clean. The vinyl panels can be wiped clean with a cloth or you can wash it occasionally with a bar of light soap. But on the other hand, Clive shared that the previously installed FRP panels had a very rough surface and were difficult to clean.

While having a consultation, we told Clive that our panels are very easy to install. We explained to him the mechanism that the panels attach directly to the studs, the tongues and grooves interlock so perfectly with every panel. You do not need to invest in purchasing materials including backers, adhesive; lamination, rivets, etc and you do not have to spend on hiring more than one labor. Once you install PVC panels it won’t absorb water, won’t delaminate, and is not prone to callbacks.

 So, like Clive, if you are also planning to install vinyl panels get in touch with Duramax. We also got a call from Clive’s friend recently who was interested in installing waterproof garage wall panels. When you install PVC you save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor costs. Visit our website and get a free sample. Please call us for more information and get a free personal consultation. Get a quote within one day.


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