Comparing the installation of Vinyl Panels vs FRP panels

installation of Vinyl Panels vs FRP panels

There are many options for interior walling when it comes to building facilities. One of the most convenient is using wall panels. Wall panels come in a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, or tile. A common solution for buildings that have high humidity and wet environments is plastics due to its water resistance and durability.

Today we will be comparing two popular plastic wall panel solutions: Vinyl panels and FRP panels Get a free sample delivered to you today by calling 323-831-3979!

Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) have been a dated walling solution since the 1930s. The material was designed to provide water resistance in applications such as kitchens, warehouses, lunchrooms, and more. As technology has advanced, new innovative materials were created such as vinyl panels. The main difference between vinyl panels and FRP panels can be described in the installation process.

Installing FRP panels first requires a backer pre-installed. This can be plywood, drywall, or any similar substrate. After you factor in the material and labor costs for the backer, you can start to realize that FRP panels cost a lot more than you think. Once you have a backer ready, carefully apply adhesive to the panel and add to the wall. This requires the careful precision of two trained laborers. Leave gaps between each FRP panel so you can add trim between every panel. Also, apply fasteners and rivets to the panels to secure the adhesive. As you can see installation is extensive and requires skill.

Vinyl panels installation, on the other hand, is simple and easy. Instead of adhesive, installation is mechanically done with screws directly into the studs. Each panel comes with perforated flanges to guide the spacing between screws. Once the first side of the panel is screwed in, the other side interlocks with the next panel. The interlocking technology allows the installer to only screw in one side of each panel. No adhesive, no backer, these 16-inch panels are lightweight and can be installed with just one person. Trim is only applied around the edges of the walls instead of between each panel like FRP.

Perfect for wet environments, vinyl panels are seamless due to interlocking. FRP panels, on the other hand, have gaps between each panel that are covered with trim. Water vapor can’t penetrate vinyl panels but can bypass the trim between FRP panels. Pick vinyl panels as your walling solution, installation will be less costly, will have less headaches, and will take less time.

Get a free sample delivered to you today by calling 323-831-3979!


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