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A restaurant’s popularity depends on several factors: hygiene, the taste of food, the staff’s courteousness, and the ambience. The restaurant interior plays a very important role in drawing crowds, and the kitchen area’s hygiene ensures healthy food. You might be planning to open up a new food joint or worried about your restaurant requiring a renovation. Well, the budget could be a constraint, but you are looking for a long-term solution. Instead of repainting or repairing damaged walls, there is a better solution. Install restaurant wall panels to protect the walls from dampness, humidity and prevent them from getting damaged. 


High-performance PVC panels 

Now you must be thinking about which material to choose because there are so many types of panels available. When you waterproof the walls, your work is done. Vinyl panels are manufactured implementing the most modern techniques. Renowned manufacturers use 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture high-quality panels. You can do an online or offline survey to search for a manufacturer. High-quality vinyl panels have superior performance. Duramax is an experienced vinyl panel manufacturer in the USA. We manufacture vinyl panels for commercial use, and we customize them according to your requirements for various sectors. 

Duramax plastic panels are ASTM and CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Duramax panels pass through a quality check prior to its delivery to your doorstep.

The advantage of the smoothness

Plastic panels have a very smooth surface. It does not allow bacteria to thrive beneath. So, you do not have to worry about the food’s hygiene (cooked or raw items). Since the panels do not attract dampness, there is no chance of bacterial growth. Post-installing vinyl panels, forget about daily cleaning and rigid maintenance. Cleaning occasionally is good. It would take only a few minutes to wipe off with a damp cloth and little soap. The biggest relief is that you would no more have sticky walls inside the kitchen area. 

We have experts to help you 

If you book a consultation with us, we can offer you the correct solution. For instance, if you have a new restaurant with modern décor, we would suggest adding wall panels to the kitchen area only. In case the interior is not attractive or damaged, we would suggest you install restaurant wall panels in kitchen wall panels inside the cooking zone. If you have just chosen a space to open a café, we would recommend you to finish off with the complete installation process so that you have to invest only one time and get long-term benefits. 


Is FRP on your mind too? Choose PVC for a lifetime

We have clients who have asked about the possibilities of FRP panels. We suggest you buy a PVC wall panel for damp and humid commercial interiors, and a restaurant is no exception. FRP pricing is low, but it’s not a long-term solution. Instead, you need to shell out money frequently for repairs and finally get the panels replaced. But vinyl panels are a bit expensive initially, but a panel could last for 40-45 years without repairs. Take your call, settle for the best, and you never have to worry about your commercial space anymore. 

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