Cover the walls of your meat packaging unit with meat packaging wall panels

meat packaging wall panels

Do you have a meat packaging unit and wish to keep it up now? Maintenance is essential when you are running a meat packaging facility. The inside should be extremely clean and very much kept up. Because of the standard bundling of meat, there is stain, smell, sogginess all finished. It is anything but a smart thought to leave the walls revealed; all things considered; you can consider introducing meat packaging wall panels. There are various kinds of wall panels utilized to ensure the walls won’t delaminate, stain, or strip off. 


Out of the multitude of kinds of panels accessible, vinyl boards have different preferences. Duramax is probably the most significant producer of vinyl boards. We supply quality and moderate vinyl boards in the USA. When you research for vinyl boards over the internet, you make sure to discover Duramax on the top of search engines. Our panels are appropriate for business use to assist you with disposing of the saturated and damp interiors. We approach clients to come for a discussion related to vinyl panels. Our vinyl boards are 100% waterproof, and we customize panels as per your necessities. A meat packaging unit needs additional consideration, so we have introduced meat packaging wall panels

A ton of customers have picked online consultation, and it’s beneficial during the pandemic. You know the advantages of vinyl boards; you know why PVC is reasonable for most damp commercial interiors. You can visit our website to learn more. 

It’s been practically over forty years that we are providing low maintenance and launderable wall panels. Our PVC ceiling panels and wall panels don’t assimilate dampness and help keep the unit dry and liberated from dampness. The panels have a smooth surface; hence they don’t stain and are not suitable for bacterial, mold, or development. Crude meat should be put away in the correct way to forestall the growth of microorganisms. The inside should have the right sort of climate and the temperature for putting away meat. 

The vinyl boards don’t need a great deal of cleaning or daily maintenance. Periodic cleaning is adequate; you can wipe the boards or wash with a cleanser in some cases. There is no compelling reason to have a group of cleaning specialists so you can save cost and time. Our panels are white, brilliant, and light-reflective, which implies they equally distribute the reflected light, and this can bring down your energy bills. 

The panels are fit for keeping the walls all around protected and help in maintaining the inside temperature. Meat should be put away at low temperatures. Duramax boards are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. The boards have a 1-hour fire grade and can preclude risk as long as 60 minutes. Vinyl panels are among the FRP alternatives, highly preferred by the commercial sector. 

Duramax has committed client support; we have a group of specialists to help you. We have an enormous customer base; we offer after-sales support. Numerous customers have shared pictures of their unit post-establishment. 

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