Cover your car wash garage walls with the right kind of wall paneling – Choose Duramax car wash wall Panels

Car wash garages are generally wet and damp filled with liquids, different types of fluids soap and course water. Car garages are closed spaces only to wash and maintain cars; the dampness prevails inside because these spaces do not get a chance to dry off. Dampness and a lot of moisture turn into mold affecting the walls, the ceiling, and the overall interior. You can protect your walls by choosing to cover them with wall paneling. The two most common types of wall paneling are FRP and PVC, the former was once a popular choice but now with immense technological advancement vinyl panels seem to be the right choice. 

Compared to FRP, PVC panels are durable and Duramax manufacturers these panels using the highest quality vinyl. Our vinyl panels are water-resistant and this is one of the most important qualities why garage owners are choosing PVC over FRP. FRP lacks the water-proof qualities, water gets into the walls through the backers that need to be installed in FRP panels and the accumulated dampness turns into mold and causes the FRP panels to peel off and the walls get damaged. Duramax car wash wall panels are mold-resistant, chemical resistant and anti-bacteria so you can be assured that your garage walls would remain dry and mold-free. Our panels have a 1-hour fire grade which is impressive as it could prevent major hazards.  

A car garage floor needs regular cleaning but the walls also should not be deprived of weekly cleaning. If you are looking for an easy to clean walling solution, choose Duramax car wash wall panels as they are easy to clean. Our panels have a very smooth surface; there are no services so you do not have to worry about any hidden bacteria on the walls. 

Now that you have decided to install PVC wall panels, sit back and relax for a while. Our PVC panels are easier to install, you can fix directly to the studs and there are grooves and tongue for easy interlocking. You do not need to invest in any other materials like backers, lamination or adhesive. Our vinyl panels boast of having the fastest installation time, the panels can be installed by one untrained person and if two people are engaged in the process, the speed of installation doubles. FRP, on the other hand, requires trained professionals to install and you need materials like adhesive, lamination, backers (OSB, Drywall or Plywood), mounted rivets and other materials for the installation. This is the reason why you have to shell out more money, you have to buy those materials and pay for the installation labor charges. 

Comparing the cost factor, Duramax PVC panels offer 50% cost saving on labor changes and 40% savings on material expenses. After everything, FRP is prone to peeling off, delaminating and susceptible to callbacks. The surface of FRP is tough and is difficult to clean. So, once installed you have to maintain the FRP boards at regular intervals, pay for repair and replacement. Thus when you compare the FRP pricing to that of vinyl, the former seems to be expensive in the long run. PVC panels once installed do not need replacement shortly or in the long run. 

Install your own Duramax PVC wall panels and give your car wash garage a revamped look. Visit our website and get a free sample, ask for a quote and you would receive it within a day.