Dan and Portia took off the damaged FRP panels from their grow room walls and installed Duramax vinyl panels

Dan and Portia have their own indoor grow room facility and it’s been years that they are running it quite successfully. Now that they are noticing damp on the walls, they called Duramax for a solution. When we asked them regarding how they maintained their walls for so many years, they responded that they had installed FRP panels. Now that their panels are peeling away we suggested they install high-quality vinyl panels. We explained to them that FRP panels are not a long-lasting solution because it attracts water and moisture through the OSB, Plywood, or Drywall backers. The moisture sits deep in-between the walls and the panels which get accumulated every day to form mold and mildew. This results in peeling off and delamination of the FRP panels too soon. 


This time they wanted a long-lasting and durable wall paneling solution. We assured them that our panels are top-quality and long-lasting at least for twenty to thirty years. PVC panels have the longest lifespan when compared to all other materials like FRP, mylar, etc. These panels are ideal for growing rooms because they’re moisture-resistant. Grow rooms have a lot of moisture and it’s quite favorable for the growth of medicinal plants. But Dan and Portia were worried about the walls and ceiling getting damaged. Vinyl panels can be effective because these are 100% water-resistant. The panels do not have backers to attract any moisture, thus the panels are mold and bacteria resistant. Mold can be a very big enemy to the medicinal plants, so installing a vinyl panel in your grow room would help. 

“Are the vinyl panels safe to install?” asked the couple. We assured that our panels are very safe; the products have a 1-hour fire-grade which ensures that if by chance the panels catch fire, it won’t cause a fire outbreak immediately. Quality is also a no-less important factor so when they wanted assurance, we ensured the PVC panels are FDA compliant and ASTM certified. Our products are also checked for quality via automated methods before it’s out for delivery. These panels are also chemical-resistant which makes sure that in case the panels come in contact with fertilizers, nutrients, or chemicals the PVC panels won’t get affected, neither would the walls. PVC panels help to maintain the overall hygiene and sanitary standards of the grow rooms. When you compare vinyl to FRP wallboard, the former has too many salient features and advantages. 

Both of them also consulted with the team and they wanted to know whether they could save energy bills by installing these panels. Grow rooms require even distribution of light for the healthy growth of plants. Duramax PVC panels are white in color and light-reflective; the panels are capable of evenly distributing the reflected light. Many of our clients are impressed with the low energy bills after installing the panels. 

We gave them the good news that they did not have to invest much time or effort in cleaning the panels. Vinyl panels do not need cleaning regularly. The products have a smooth surface which is very much unlike the rough FRP surface. This is why vinyl panels are easy to clean while FRP is not, PVC panels have a smooth surface with no cervices which ensures that there won’t thrive any bacteria on or underneath the surface. 

The client realized that PVC panels are better than FRP and if you compare the FRP cost to that of PVC, there is no remarkable difference in the cost factor. But, PVC is affordable to some extent because FRP panels are not long-lasting but you need to spend money on buying extra materials and hiring a minimum of two laborers for installation. While on the other hand, PVC needs no additional materials and only one expert for installation. 

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