Design Your Restroom Walls with PVC Wall Panels

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Plastic wall panels are a great material to use for restrooms and high moisture applications. Due to their water resistant characteristics, plastic wall panels prevent water absorption and mold from forming. Duramax Trusscore stands out because the panels interlock with one another to create a seamless impenetrable surface. Most panels such as FRP panels have gaps between them which can be vulnerable to water vapor absorption. Over time, FRP panels peel off and need replacing due to their gaps.


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PVC wall panels are a good choice to install with because they provide a complete solution rather than just a part. With a half inch thickness, the wall panels have a built in backer and do not need additional materials to install. FRP panels require a pre-built backer that is usually plywood which requires additional time and money. The second reason pvc panels are better is because they just need to be screwed into the studs versus other panel materials like FRP that need adhesive. Adhesive is a liability because it tends to weaken over the years and cause FRP to peel off.

Contractors or homeowners looking where to buy pvc wall panel should check out Duramax Trusscor for the best prices and highest quality. Duramax Trusscore is one of the leading vinyl wall panel suppliers nationwide. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California Duramax Trusscore manufactures all their products in US and ships within days. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you are guaranteed a high quality all-american product. Also as a manufacturer themselves, you won’t get any better pricing.

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