Ditch FRP and Install Waterproof Wall Paneling for Your Car Wash Garage – Trust Duramax

Waterproof Wall Paneling

Do you own a car wash garage and you wish to renovate it because the walls are in bad condition? Or you might simply want to take down the FRP wall board and reinstall. You are obviously looking for a durable and long lasting solution, if yes then take off the old panels because there is no material compared to vinyl.


Your car wash garage is prone to moisture, the walls receive wall spill, chemical spill and overall its damp inside and this affects the walls. All you need is Waterproof Wall Paneling solution and only vinyl can help you achieve this. At Duramax manufacture water-resistant vinyl panels’ ideal for installing in areas that have high moisture content. You might also see that some car wash garages are pretty dark, they do not get enough light but you need some daylight to enter to fight the damp environment. Duramax manufacturers’ light-reflective panels so that your car wash zone receives some amount of natural light.

Do you know what exactly vinyl panels are? It’s the most versatile plastic in the world and its gaining immense popularity day by day. Vinyl is known to be durable, has anti-mold properties, its water-proof, chemical-resistant and a bit more expensive compared to FRP. Vinyl is very much suitable for any environment that is rough wet and damp. Almost all building materials involve complex installation process but it’s the simplest to install vinyl and it’s very easy to maintain as well.

One very important factor that creates a bigger difference between PVC and FRP is that FRP is not moisture-resistant and is very much prone to rotting with time. Moisture easily gets trapped in-between FRP panels and this leads to peeling, mold growth and perishing. PVC can overcome all of these issues, thus considered as a durable solution for moisture-laden areas. If you install PVC panels in your car wash zone, there would be no threat of mold and excessive moisture. Again, our panels are designed to have an anti-mold property which is a very big advantage.

Our PVC car wash wall panels are FDA approved and have a long lifespan; we are dedicated to designing durable panels because we care for your investment. Another very impressive quality like the 1 hour fire grade ensures that these panels won’t catch fire and burn out immediately if there is a hazard. Duramax panels are absolutely suitable for car washes because it has an extremely smooth surface and there are no cervices which makes them easy to clean and maintenance free. You would never find any mold or bacteria seated because the surface is so smooth. This is one quality that FRP does not have, thus not at al suitable for car washes.  FRP would rather start delaminating and suffer call-backs which demands repair or maybe replacement, which means a re-investment. This is why you should be amazed by the low FRP cost. Vinyl is more expensive but when you spend once on quality you are sorted for years but paying less and installing FRP means you need to keep more money aside for maintenance. You can also save cost on installation because vinyl panels do not need backers, adhesives or extra labor.  

 If you are planning to install waterproof wall paneling for your car wash, trust Duramax. We have experience in working for so many clients, we offer consultation regarding wall and ceiling paneling solutions. Duramax offers paneling solutions for various industries where there is a requirement of high moisture and humidity. Our panels are manufactured in the US, we design panels according to all the standards and quality is what we excel in.

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