Do you own a meat packaging facility? Cover the walls and ceiling with plastic panels from Duramax

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We got a call from a reputed meat facility because they wanted to install wall panels inside the facility. The manager took the time to browse the internet, study wall panels, he looked for companies, and finally decided to call us. This is what he shared with us when he approached Duramax for the first time. Mr. Kevin found out that vinyl wall panels are an excellent choice, but he did not know much about it. He was looking for affordable options, and while browsing our website, he noticed a caption “The best wall panels never need replacing” and immediately decided to call us. 


We welcomed him for a consultation. We have a team of experts who explained why plastic panels are ideal for using inside his meat packaging unit. We ensured that our panels are incredibly resilient, being designed for superior quality vinyl. Meat packaging units usually have a very moist interior; there needs to be sufficient hygiene, which pertains to food safety. When the interior is moist, there are chances for the walls to get damaged gradually, getting affected by dampness every day. PVC panels can save your walls and ceiling from the claws of moisture and damp. These are 100% waterproof panels that do not attract any moisture keeping the walls dry and the panels in good condition for years.

Mr. Kevin also had a question in mind, “Are FRP panels an option too?” This question is not new to us, and we get queries similar to this from other clients as well. PVC panels do not have backers, and that’s the biggest advantage. The absence of backers prevents dampness from entering the walls and harming the panels. But FRP has the biggest drawback; it is fitted with backers that attract moisture, which gets trapped between the walls and ceiling. This causes mold and bacteria to form and harm your wall and the panels. Imagine you spent money on installing an FRP board, and within a few years, you would have to replace or pay a hefty amount of repairs.

Well, PVC panels have the longest lifespan when compared to all other types of wall panel solutions. Our panels can last for twenty-five to thirty years without any maintenance or repairs. Thus, FRP is not recommended for moisture-prone areas, and a meat packaging facility is no exception. 

Our experts suggested the manager also install vinyl panels in the walls and ceiling of the kill and the meat storage facility. Our panels are safe to install; they are chemical resistant and have a 1-hour fire-grade, which can prevent any unfortunate fire accidents. We assured the manager that our panels are of top quality, all the products are ASTM certified, they have a CFIA certification and FDA compliant as well. The panels can last up to 4 times longer than any other wall panels, including FRP, or we give your money back ($25000 labor charge coverage). 

A meat packaging facility needs routine cleaning, so we did let Mr. Kevin know that our panels are easy to clean. The smooth surface of vinyl panels does not allow any bacteria to accumulate on it. 

 Buy a PVC wall panel and save 50% on labor charges and 40% on the material cost during installation. Call for a free sample.


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