Don’t design your horse stable without considering this

Not all horses like being in a stable, however it is necessary for a horse stall to be designed as comfortable for the horse as possible. At minimum a stall should be 4-5 feet wide and 8 feet long, the horse needs room to comfortably lay down and sleep. There are 10×10 and 12×12 stalls that give more room for bigger horses.

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Another aspect of the stable is maintaining the cleanliness of all the stalls. Installing a wash stall with the correct drainage can help clean horses in any type of situation before bringing them back into their stalls to sleep.

“On average, a horse produces 0.5 ounce of feces and 0.3 fluid ounce of urine per pound of body weight every day. So a 1,000-pound horse produces about 31 pounds of feces and 2.4 gallons of urine daily. “

This means that the stable has to be constantly cleaned. The wall and ceiling material should be smooth surfaced, water resistant, and easy to clean. Vinyl panels are perfect for this, because they were innovated for high moisture and high sanitary standards. For a free quote or sample, call 323-831-3979 today!

Duramax vinyl panels are unique in that they are completely water resistant and seamless. What this means is that there is no chance for water, dirt, or bacteria to penetrate crevices and build up. Other wall materials have porous surfaces or gaps that can lead to nasty stains or even rot.

Another benefit to vinyl panels is that they are easy to clean. Having a seamless surface means that washing can be done with just a high powered hose. Other materials without smooth surfaces are harder to clean and will take longer. This can be time consuming when dealing with large animals, and any material that makes it easier will benefit.

In the image shown is Duramax being used as the ceiling panels. Vinyl panels are white and highly light reflective. It would be efficient to install some barn stall windows to let in natural light. Not only do windows provide additional sunlight but they can be used as good ventilation as well. Horses need proper ventilation to cool down. Typically overhead fans are installed above them, but windows can provide additional airflow for energy efficiency.

A good tip is to store hay in a separate building. Fires are common in barns and stables and hay can be cause the fire to spread a lot faster. Duramax vinyl panels also have a class A fire rating with a 1 hour fire grade, but it is still safer to keep storage of hay away from horses.  And Duramax vinyl panels meet FDA requirements for food, agriculture, and animals.

It is always best to think long term for your horse stable. If you have 3 horses currently, you should build out extra stalls for when you get additional horses. Vinyl panels are great because of their long lifespan. Without rot, termites, peeling, rust, or mold, vinyl panels usually outlast most material. And the best part is that Duramax offers a lifetime warranty based on the quality of their panels. So call today to get a free quote or a sample shipped to you, call 323-831-3979!

Get a free sample today by calling 323-831-3979.


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