Don’t keep your dairy walls bare instead install Dairy Wall Panels from Duramax to keep it hygienic and free from moisture


A lot of moisture and water vapor is prevalent in dairy rooms; thus, safe storage of dairy products becomes a primary concern. Dairy rooms should be very hygienic and free from moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria, which could cause food poisoning. Also, moisture is favorable for the milking of dairy animals, but how would you protect the walls, the ceiling, and the interior? The best idea would be to cover up the walls with dairy wall panels made from Duramax’s vinyl. Dairy parlors must maintain top hygiene because frequent rounds of inspection by the state and anyone violating it gets a warning, or the license is cancelled. Milk is a very sensitive liquid; it’s used for baby food, drinks for patients, and more. 


You might be thinking why we insist on installing vinyl panels and not panels made of any other material. Waterproofing is the only solution; no other type of wall panels has this capability as vinyl. FRP panels have OSB, Plywood, or Drywall backers installed that absorb a lot of moisture; this gets accumulated between the walls and the panels giving birth to mold. There is bacteria formation, and this damage both the wall and the panels. This proves that FRP is not beneficial for moisture-prone industrial interiors. Now, on the other hand, vinyl panels do not have backers; there are no chances of moisture seeping inside. This keeps the walls dry for many years, and the panels also remain in good condition. Our panels are 100% waterproof. Duramax vinyl panels have the most extended lifespan when compared to other types of wall panels. You can book a consultation with the experts to know more about the benefits of vinyl panels and their successful application in industries. You can read testimonials of so many clients who have installed wall panels for the first time, and others have uninstalled old FRP to reinstall new vinyl panels. PVC panels can last for almost twenty-five to thirty years without any repairs or maintenance. 


Duramax panels are entirely safe from any sudden fire hazard; it comes with a 1-hour fire grade that forbids any such incidents. The panels are also resistant to chemicals and will not be affected in case of spillage of any chemicals. The panels come with quality assurance; the products are ASTM tested for FDA compliance. We also run an automated quality check before delivering panels to our customers. 


Installing Dairy Vinyl Panels can keep the wall free from moisture, cleaning is secure, and there is no need to maintain regularly. Post-installation, your diary room is cleaner and hygienic. We manufacture white color panels that look very bright. The panels are also light-reflective and can lower your energy bills by evenly distributing reflected light. The dairy panels have a smoother surface, which is not favorable for bacteria to survive. Wipe off with a cloth to keep the panels clean and add shine. 


Rely on Duramax; if you wish to invest in dairy vinyl panels, we are one of the most experienced and reliable vinyl wall panel suppliers in the US. Duramax is offering the business for more than 40 years, and we have a vast base of happy clients. Visit our website, contact us for a free sample, and get a quote within one day.


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