Duramax PVC Panel: A Better Option As Compared To FRP

PVC Panel: A Better Option As Compared To FRP

Are you all in readiness to make your residential get the elegant hue? Then the time is ripe to adopt a few innovative measures. Frankly speaking, it will indeed be a daunting task when the time arises to select the doors of your room. Individuals often get confused while choosing between PVC wall panels and FRP. Here we would discuss in a nutshell, why PVC panels are to be adopted barring FRP. 


Gone are the days when the homeowner had no other choice but to give a nod to FRP as it was ideal and robust in the yesteryears. Off late, it is least preferred as individuals are more conscious and eager to adopt a contemporary measure which has made way for PVC wall panels. As you get ready to install the wall panels, think about Duramax vinyl panels. The professionals here would take up the onus of doing the needful seamlessly.


  • FRP is prone to recurring expenditures

Individuals tend to remain in a state of confusion when they had to choose between the couple. In general, they opt for the affordable one but often falls prey to umpteen problems in the long run. Investing in FRP is prone to recurring expenditures.

The amount of repairs to be carried on with FRP is quite more. It might need replacement as it is not waterproofed. It is a wise decision to invest a bit more for solitary time and remain assured for a longer period. There are quite a few walling materials to choose from as the choices are overwhelming.


  • The durability of PVC is more than that of FRP

The PVC wall panel from the house of DURAMAX assures guarantee and top-notch performance. The PVC panels are much more superior as compared to FRP and it has been proven now and gain by authorized agencies that PVC is much better than that of FRP. PVC gets ideally fitted in grade kitchens and restaurants.


  • PVC panels are water-resistant

The panels made by DURAMAX are completely water-resistant as compared to FRP costs. It has been witnessed that FRP has the tenacity to absorb moisture and it easily gets rotten. Mould along with fungi often gets accumulated on the base and the body.


  • The PVC panels are devoid of chemicals

The panels made by us are certified by laboratories and we are proud to establish that our panels are devoid of chemical toxins. FRP panels are chemically active and the presence of Ultraviolet lights releases harmful chemicals.


  • PVC wall panels are recyclable

The PVC wall panels are recyclable, whereas FRP wallboards can only be used as landfills and thereby all it can be said is DURAMAX PVC is environmentally much safer. In simple words, PVC panels are ideal for keeping the ambience safe.

 If you have any question or queries do not hesitate to call us up. We are ready to help you out as and when is required.


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