Duramax PVC Wall Panel being Used in Car Wash Wall Paneling

car wash wall panels

A lot of building materials are used but most of them cannot withstand humidity. This results in excess cleaning, too much of moisture accumulation and can also lead to water damage. But there is now a long-term solution and it’s called vinyl panels. Duramax is dedicated to high-end research and manufacturing of vinyl panels for walling and ceiling. Our panels are uniquely designed mainly for applications like indoor growing, food processing, car washes, commercial kitchens, fisheries and more. In this blog we will be mainly talking about car wash wall panels for your garage space.

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Here is talking about a car wash wall paneling case study. Our client booked an appointment for a consultation regarding his garage wall renovation after we sent him a free vinyl panel sample. The walls suffered immense water damage because the car wash space releases too much moisture and he also had some issues related to lighting. He believed that FRP is a solution but after research, he switched to vinyl considering it long-term. So, he was ready to invest a little more for our waterproof, fire-resistant and light-reflective PVC wall panel. We guided him about the installation and only then he understood how simple it’s to self-install a vinyl panel which saves the labor costs. We installed premium anti-mold and light-reflective wall panels which ensured there is no excess moisture to damage the walls anymore and sufficient light gets inside.

Our vinyl panels do not require any adhesive or backer, this saves extra labor costs. This is beneficial because no water vapor can seep through the wooden area or plastic sheeting. No damage can occur beneath the waterproof solution. The surface of our panels is extremely smooth therefore no humidity or bacteria can stand on the surface. Again, cleaning is very easy, you can just wipe with a cloth or you can also wash it using a hose.

It’s wise if you choose vinyl panels for your car wash space even if the initial investment seems on the higher side. In the long run and in the bigger picture, you would see that there is no better and affordable solution that is as long-lasting as vinyl. Our panels are even ½ inch thick and come with 1-hour A-grade fire rating which means its resistant to fire as well. Our panels are light-reflective therefore ample sunlight enters your car wash and this is better than having a darker damp space.

All our vinyl panels are FDA approved, made in the U.S and comes with warranty. Our products have gained popularity and industries of various sectors are using our paneling solutions. You can visit our website for more information and read testimonials that our clients have penned down. We are working constantly to maintain and to make the quality even better but if you are not satisfied with our products, you can choose to replace, we offer a guarantee.

If your car wash garage looks old and damp, its time you discard the existing FRP panels and choose vinyl instead. Choose Duramax for custom solutions, call us at 323-352-9279 for paneling solutions.

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