Duramax PVC wall panels are Ideal for Your Grow Rooms

Duramax PVC wall panels are ideal for your grow rooms

If you are maintaining an indoor cannabis growing facility, it is essential to choose the perfect surface for your grow room walls. You must focus on controlling light, moisture, insulation, and pests.

Cannabis is extremely resilient; it needs adequate humidity and warmth to grow well. Commercial growers aim for energy-efficient yet adequate lighting for healthy growth of these plants. Your plants require the right amount of light and with installing vinyl panels, the amount of light received increases. Using light reflective PVC wall paneling from Duramax Trusscore also helps in illuminating the lower portions of the garden giving the lower buds sufficient light and heat. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!


What makes vinyl panels so popular?

Here are the best reasons why PVC wall panel is the top choice among cannabis growers:

Vinyl panels are light reflective

Cannabis plants grow well if the optimal amount of artificial lighting is used. Providing artificial lighting is expensive; it affects your electricity bills. You can always install LED lights instead of any other type of lighting to decrease the operation costs. Installing light reflective PVC panels can lower your energy bills and associated expenses. These panels have white and brighter surface; therefore, aids in reflecting the excessive amount of grow lights. Duramax PVC panels do not reveal the fasteners, and the joints are seamless, this makes our panels smoothly reflective and flawless. Using our panels, you would get the best results.

PVC resistant to impact

The grow rooms usually are higher impact zone. Therefore, the wall panels tend to develop dents, scratches, and marks of tools and other equipment. Well, Duramax PVC wall panels are resistant to dents scratches and any other form of impacts. Vinyl wall panels are incredibly durable and long-lasting; you do not need to do frequent replacements; you invest once and reap the benefits.

The cost of maintenance is meager

Choose to install vinyl wall panels for your indoor grow rooms because PVC does not require any expensive maintenance. You do not need painting these panels, they have a smooth surface, and this makes it easy to clean.

Vinyl is a durable option

Vinyl is permanent compared to FRP, and this is why these panels are selling like hot cakes, being the most preferred choice for grow rooms. Once you install, it can stand the test of time, last for years. Duramax PVC panels are well known for toughness and durability.

Resistant to humidity and mold

When you grow cannabis indoors, it’s essential to consider a few factors and moisture is one of those. You must maintain adequate air circulation, the right amount of insulation and the temperature. During these times you need to increase the humidity levels inside the grow rooms. Panels made of FRP or wood can rot or become infested with mildew or mold due to absorption of moisture, but the vinyl is totally humidity resistant. Our PVC panels would never absorb moisture, therefore any risk of rotting or growing mold.

Previously tents were commonly used for cultivating cannabis, but recently majority grow rooms are using vinyl panels, but choosing the right group is essential to keep the production cost low. Invest in top-notch panels from Duramax Trusscore PVC; we are now a reputable brand; all our panels meet the regulatory standards. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!




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