Duramax Trusscore – The Leader in Manufacturing PVC Wall panels

Duramax Trusscore – the leader in manufacturing PVC wall panels

The walls of the commercial kitchens need extra protection and constant cleaning. But most of the time these kitchens remains super busy so the walls and ceilings are mostly ignored unless they show heavy damage. Oil accumulates on the walls, mold and bacteria forms, and finally the walls start peeling off. Thus, it is very essential to choose wall panels that are durable yet within your budget. You could use FRP wall board, Mylar or vinyl panels and you must know that vinyl is the latest and the most ideal innovation. Call us at 323-352-9279 for a free sample.


Now if you are choosing vinyl, it is equally important to choose a company that manufactures and supplies high-quality panels. Duramax is a manufacturer headquartered in the US and provides lifetime warranties with their products. Choosing the correct company for providing panels is important. This is why it is recommended to choose Duramax because we deliver Trusscore PVC panels that have a class A fire ratings and meet FDA and CFIA requirements.

Why choose Duramax?

Now you might be thinking why Duramax, so here are the reasons for you:

Durable vinyl panels from Duramax

Duramax is known for designing long-lasting vinyl panels. Our panels are resistant to bacteria and mold. We manufacture panels using top quality materials and our products meet the mandatory FDA requirements. Now, when you consider FRP, it can show signs of delamination and can be susceptible to mold. When you spend a huge amount of money in FRP panels why must you spend again to replace those? This is why PVC panels are a better and more sensible choice. One very important thing is overall, FRP is more expensive than vinyl wall paneling due to additional materials such as adhesive and backers along with longer installation times.

Our panels are easy to install

Our vinyl panels are very easy to install, whereas FRP needs backers and adhesive. Vinyl panels are thick therefore do not need any adhesive or backer; They act as the wall itself and can be screwed into the studs directly. PVC panels have grooves and tongue that interlock and remain fastened with one another. The installation process for vinyl is the shortest and one person is enough to install.


Smooth surface of vinyl

The surfaces of our vinyl panels are very smooth sans any crevices; this ensures that there would be no mold or bacteria formation. FRP is also prone to mold formation but you can see that vinyl brings relief. The smooth surface of vinyl is more helpful when it comes to cleaning these panels. So, our products are easy to clean without any specific cleaning agent or fabric. It feels clean if you wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth.



When you are looking for superior quality vinyl panels, look no further than Duramax Trusscore. We are one of the pioneer innovators of PVC panels helping industries to get the exact solution they want. We call ourselves the leader because we have decades of experience in this domain. We maintain quality and standard during the manufacturing process and all our panels are FDA approved. All our products are made in the USA, they carry a tag of lifetime warranty and we have a responsive customer service.

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