The Best Wall Panels to Install in Dairy Room

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Dairy rooms are considered to be one of the zones where the moisture content is pretty high. So, it is essential to consider the protection of walls in dairy rooms and similar places. After all, walls and ceilings tend to have much importance in the case of dairy rooms mainly because dairy rooms have edible products which can get affected by external issues such as mold and bacteria. Also, the people working as staff in the dairy parlors can get affected with mold and have infectious diseases as well. Hence, it is essential for the owners to make a selection of a durable and long-lasting walling material for the protection of the walls. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!


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When it comes to wall material for high humid environments, FRP wallboard is one of the standard options for people. However, these FRP panels don’t have the quality and properties that vinyl panels have. For example, FRP panels are challenging to install, have delamination issues, mold growth problems, and high maintenance standards as well. However, vinyl panels are easy to install, mold-resistant, and have low maintenance standards.

Here is a detailed discussion on why PVC panel is a better option for the dairy rooms and parlors than FRP panels.

Choosing PVC Panels Over FRP Panels

One of the main reasons why dairy room owners tend to choose vinyl panels over FRP is that these panels are easier to install. Also, vinyl panels tend to cost less when we consider factors such as extra material expenses and installation costs. For example, FRP panels require additional backers and adhesives for installation, and that is something that increases FRP cost. Also, these panels are complicated to install and need two people to do the job. However, vinyl panels don’t require additional backers and adhesives. These panels are easier to install as the tongue, and the grooves interlock with each other perfectly. The installation can be completed almost single-handedly.

Another admirable quality that vinyl panels have is that they are durable and have low maintenance standards. The dairy room walls often require walling materials that last for a long time. Hence, vinyl panels are the ultimate solution in such cases. Vinyl panels don’t delaminate after some time, and therefore they are not susceptible to callbacks. FRP panels, on the other hand, delaminate after some time and are also vulnerable to callbacks. Vinyl panels meet all the FDA requirements, which make them more durable. Apart from that, the 1-hour fire grade of vinyl panels means that they will be able to withstand the heat and fire for a long time.


So, these are some of the essential reasons why vinyl panels are the ultimate choice for dairy rooms and parlors. It is due to the benefits and features of vinyl panels that they are preferred as the walling material. These panels prove to be an ideal alternative to FRP panels.

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