Eliot replaced old FRP panels with the long-lasting dairy wall panels

Eliot already owns a dairy parlor; he set this up along with his friend. He shared with Duramax that his parlor is running smoothly, and he is getting adequate ROI. But now he is apprehensive about reinvestment because repairs are replacements generally involving a good amount of expense. But at the same time, he noticed that the old panels are coming off and the walls are about to get damaged. Eliot was in a fix and was looking for a low-cost yet long-lasting solution. He searched the internet for wall panels, and he was overwhelmed. Unable to decide, he spoke to his friends, and many suggested installing vinyl. 


PVC panels and their rising popularity

Eliot did not know much about PVC panels for walls; therefore, he spent considerable time researching the internet. While searching for vinyl panels, he found Duramax as we always rank on top of search engines. Reaching us, we offered him a consultation where he shared images with us of his existing dairy room. We saw that there was FRP installed, which was now peeling off. Now he wanted to uninstall those and choose new panels. 


Waterproof vinyl panels can arrest moisture

We explained why FRP is not very suitable for damp commercial interiors, while PVC is specially made for such damp conditions. A dairy room is full of moisture, and this environment is ideal for milking. So, you can never get rid of the dampness, but you can do something about the interior. Cover the ceiling and the walls with the waterproof PVC panels from Duramax. Our panels are made from superior quality vinyl that arrests all the dampness keeping the walls protected for years. Once installed, the panels can last for a lifetime, say about 25-30 years, without showing any damage signs. Now Eliot was convinced, and he wanted to install our dairy wall panels. We also customize solutions so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. 


ASTM certified and affordable panels

All vinyl panels are not the same; quality varies.  Being into the business for more than 40 years, we design panels that are ASTM certified, affordable and long-lasting. We are among the most experienced and well-known PVC Panel Manufacturers, and we have a list of satisfied clients. Eliot hired a contractor to take off all the old panels, and he installed Duramax dairy vinyl panels and shared images with us. He tanked us for offering such a reliable solution. 


Hassle-free cleaning 

Cleaning and maintenance are no hassle when it comes to Duramax PVC panels. The panels do not require regular cleaning; it also takes only a few minutes to clean. The surface is very smooth; there are no grains or creases; this is unfavorable for bacteria to reside. There won’t be any accumulation of mold and mildew.


Bottomline: PVC better than FRP

 Now Eliot feels that PVC is always a better choice compared to FRP. PVC installation is way more affordable; you need not invest in any materials like backers, adhesives, lamination, and rivets; only one contractor is sufficient. This would help you to save money in the long run. 

If you are also planning to renovate your dairy facility, choose to install Duramax vinyl panels. Get a free sample and request for a quote.


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