Enhance The Beauty of Your Office and Business Installations by PVC Panels

car wash wall panels

Walls tell a lot of things about you. It tells about your choice, taste and type of personality you have. Therefore, you should maintain your walls and ceilings properly if you wish to grow your business. Now, let me describe a few things which you will get if you choose to cover your walls with vinyl wall panels. In the following, some of the advantages are described.


Protection From Molds, Rot and Fungus:

The vinyl wall panels do not absorb moisture from the air. This is a very common problem with the FRP panels. Even the high-quality and expensive FRP Panels absorb moisture from the air and becomes rotten, moldy and fungus prone. So, if you do not wish to work in a fragile, moldy, fungus prone, rotten walled office, you should choose vinyl wall panels. Due to its water proofing capabilities you can use it as car wash wall panels too.

Fire-Proof Capabilities:

In many tests the Duramax vinyl wall panels proved it’s fire-retardant. The Duramax vinyl wall panels can withstand fire for more than an hour. This is a great feature because, if unfortunately, due to any reason an incident of fire occurs at your office the vinyl wall panels will give you and fire-fighters enough time to evacuate and gain control over the fire. Due to its fire-retardant capabilities and sturdiness you can use it as car wash wall panels too.

Inactive To Chemicals and UV Rays:

The Duramax vinyl wall panels are inactive to most chemicals and UV rays. While, the common FRP Panels are very much reactive to chemicals and due to various chemical reactions, it releases several harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. So, if you are using FRP Panels for your car wash wall panels it is releasing harmful chemicals into the environment and damaging not only your health also your clients’ health too.

FRP panels are also reactive to UV Rays. If you are using FRP panels for your outer walls it will also release various harmful chemical compounds into the environment causing more damage to your health. So, if you are using FRP Panels for your office or business, it’s time to replace the panels with the Duramax vinyl wall panels.

Now, let me discuss about the price comparison between the PVC Panels and FRP Panels. If you use the high-quality Duramax PVC Panels, it will cost you $68 for every 4’×8’ panel and labor cost will be $4 because it takes very less time for placement. And if you buy the Duramax PVC Panels directly from the suppliers you will get a hefty discount on your purchase and also free samples to test. While buying FRP Panels for every 4’×8’ panel you need to pay only $38 but the installation charges are beyond the cost of panels. You will need adhesive, at least two people for installation which just doubled your labor cost, backing or supporting board for installation and finally you will need panel to panel trimming to make it look better. So, if you install FRP Panels, you will end up paying more than $80 for each panel.


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