Enhance Your Working Conditions and Life-Style by Waterproof Vinyl Panels

Do you work in a place where the humidity levels are always high? And sometimes it becomes unbearable when your average FRP or Fiber Reinforced Plastic Panels of your walls and ceilings absorb moisture from the air and get rotten? So, it’s time for you to replace your wall and ceiling panels with Waterproof Vinyl Panels. There are a lot of advantages you will get if you choose to re-decorate your walls with the PVC panels for the walls. While selecting you should always keep in mind that the panels are FDA compliant wall panels, such as Duramax, else it may affect your health.


No matter where you live if you choose to put Waterproof Vinyl Panels for your walls and ceilings, even the harshest weather conditions won’t hurt you or your property. This is why the Duramax PVC panel for the wall will be the best solution for your walling and ceiling problems. 

In recent times, the Duramax FDA compliant wall panels are in high demand. The Duramax PVC Panels are not only water-proof also Fire Resistant and it has been certified as a Class A Fire-Retardant. So, the Duramax PVC panels for the walls and ceiling not only protect your office from the threats of weather also from threats like average household fire and short-circuit related incidents of fire. According to a report, Duramax PVC panels for the walls and ceilings can withstand fire for more than an hour which will give you and your family enough time to evacuate the place and also give the fire-fighters a fighting chance to control the fire. The Duramax Panels do not get rotten like the FRP panels.

The Duramax Waterproof Vinyl Panels are not only cost-effective and durable but also chemically less active than the FRP or Fiber Reinforced Panels. The FRP panels absorb water and help the molds and fungus to grow, later it gets rotten. Moreover, FRP panels can release toxic chemicals when it comes to contact with moisture and UV rays even heat. FRP panels release carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and various other harmful chemicals if it comes in contact with UV rays or sunlight and heat. 

But if you still thinking that FRP panels are a cheaper deal because for a 4’×8’ panel cost you just $38 on an average while the same size PVC panel for the wall cost you around $68, then I have to tell you the rest of the calculations. For PVC panels for the wall, you only need to spend more $4 for placing it to the walls and ceilings, while you will be paying more than $50 for setting up the FRP Panels into your walls as FRP panels require adhesive, wooden support and more man-power for installations. So, if you choose the Waterproof Vinyl Panels you will end up spending only $72 for every 4’×8’ area while you need to pay more than $80 to cover the same area by using FRP Panels. Apart from your office, PVC panels are also very useful for any kind of business installations too.


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