Fixing Water Damage in Car Wash Case Study

car wash wall panels

Many building materials used in the past few decades are not designed to withstand high humidity. As a result, businesses that deal with a lot of cleaning, moisture, or water in general have to continuously repair their structure from water damage areas every few years. There hasn’t been a long-term one time solution until now: Vinyl wall panels. Vinyl wall panels are uniquely designed specifically for applications such as car washes, food processors, indoor growing, commercial kitchens, and so many more. This article we will talk about a specific case that used Duramax Trusscore for their car wash wall panels. If you have another project with a different application, feel free to call us at 323-831-3979 to see if you’re a right fit.


This project was a ceiling renovation for a car wash that had water damage in the ceiling. They used a walling material that was not suitable for the high moisture environment a car wash has and in the end had to invest more into a long-term solution. Using vinyl for the car wash wall panels is not just easier to install saving in short-term labor cost, but also it’s durability saves in long-term maintenance.

There are many materials that claim to be a good solution for wet environments, but what they don’t mention is that most materials require non-resistant material to install with. Examples like FRP, a plastic sheathing, requires wooden backers to glue each panel onto. This creates a problem because water vapor can eventually seep through the plastic and into the wood area. This is where the damage occurs underneath the water resistant solution.

Vinyl is the closest solution to waterproof wall paneling because of its Class A fire rating. What this means is that Duramax Trusscore vinyl panels can be installed directly to studs without any backer needed. The ½ inch thick panels provide a 1-hour fire rating and is approved by all Los Angeles County Buildings and Safety Codes so it saves in material costs for a backer.

Overall, don’t discount vinyl panels due to initial pricing compared to the other materials that provide incomplete solutions. The bigger picture shows that vinyl is a complete solution, while other materials such as tile, FRP, or metal have a multi-step installation process and require additional backer/adhesive material which add to the initial cost. Contact Duramax Trusscore to have your project measured out and custom quoted at 323-831-3979!


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