Flooding Damage Repair with Vinyl Panels

Vinyl Panels

Flooding can cause a lot of damage and huge expense. Whether you are a homeowner with a flooded basement, resort owner with a flooded gym, or just a facility manager that has to repair water damage, knowing about vinyl panels can save you a lot of money. Vinyl panels can help you because they are completely water resistant unlike standard drywall or walls layered with FRP panels. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!


Walls with minimal water-resistant sheathing usually have a wooden backer and adhesive that bonds the layer. FRP tends to weaken after years and peel off the wall. If flooded, the product will definitely be destroyed and need replacement. Vinyl panels are designed to be screwed directly into the studs, no drywall or backer needed. And with a silicone seal between each panel, fully protected from flooding.

Installing vinyl panels is a lot easier than other walling materials. Because they screw directly to the studs, no additional material or training is required from the installer. Vinyl panels are also light enough to carry and install with one person. FRP requires at least 2 trained installers and mistakes can be costly. Besides the simple installation, vinyl panels also have interlocking properties that allow one panel to interlock with another giving a smooth seamless surface.

The smooth seamless surface not only makes installing faster, but also makes cleaning easier. Other materials that have rough textures tend to protect or hide bacteria in crevices. Vinyl panels are designed to always look clean, new, and aesthetic. Another bonus with vinyl panels is how long they last. Practically lasting a lifetime, vinyl panels never rot, peel, mold, or rust. This means that vinyl panels never need expensive replacements or refurbishing after the years.

Call us today to prevent any future flooding damage to your walls. Our vinyl panels are manufactured in USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Get a free sample delivered to you by calling 323-352-9279!


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