Forget Tile, Line Up Your Restaurant with Vinyl Wall Paneling

Forget Tile, Line up your Restaurant with Vinyl Wall Paneling

Traditional restaurants have been going through expensive installs with tile, FRP, or brick, in their kitchen areas for a long time. There has never been a simple solution to their high moisture, turbulent environments until now. Vinyl panels are a complete solution that is easy to install and lightweight. Call 323-352-9279 for a free sample!


Old fashioned solutions such as tiling your commercial kitchen are expensive and time-consuming when you are trying to get your business up and running. Vinyl wall paneling has begun to take over the commercial building industry due to its unique properties. Vinyl wall panels, or PVC wall panels, are water-resistant, durable, interlocking panels that create a seamless white surface. They are unique because they can be screwed directly into the stud walls or on a substrate but do not require any other materials. Interested in having your project measured and quoted? Call 323-831-3979 today!

The image is a project that was recently done in 2019 to protect the first few feet of the wall to floor area in a commercial kitchen. Duramax Trusscore vinyl panels were installed horizontally by simply screwing the flanges into the stainless steel and interlocking each panel. Lining the piping area with vinyl panels protects the walls from repetitive leakages or sprays. 

With the interlocking technology of Duramax Trusscore panels, the walls have a seamless surface that water cannot penetrate. FRP, on the other hand, requires a wooden backer and gaps between each panel which means water vapor can build up and eventually form mold. Tile is resistant until it is cracked by accidental impacts. In a commercial kitchen, accidents are prone to happen and cracked tile is not something you would want in the middle of a busy week. Interested in getting a free sample and quote? Call 323-352-9279 today!  



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