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Frank is a restaurant owner, and he believes in making the restaurant interior spick and span. He is recently noticing that his restaurant walls are getting affected by moisture, and he also wanted to make the walls more attractive. He asked his friends and colleagues about a solution. Finally, he chose to install wall coverings, and then he kept on researching various materials available in the market. He was comparing FRP and PVC to find out which one would work better and would be feasible. 


He took the internet’s help to delve deeper into research, he tried to find out companies in his locality and took opinion from the close people he knew. Most suggested him vinyl panels due to the various advantages, and he started looking for FRP alternatives. Looking for vinyl wall panelling companies, he chose to consult with Duramax. A lot of customers know us as one of the most well-regarded PVC panel suppliers in the USA. We have been into this business for 40 years. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality vinyl panels manufactured using the most modern technology. 

Frank was eager to know why PVC panels and why not FRP? This is a question most of the customers have, and we explain it to you so that you can make informed decisions. PVC restaurant wall panels are 100% waterproof; the panels are free from bacterial growth and mold. Vinyl panels do not have backers; this makes sure that no moisture gets into the panels. This ensures the wall panels and the walls are free from moisture; thus, no damage is caused. But for FRP panels, there are backers installed. These backers attract a lot of moisture all the time, damaging the walls and the panels permanently. 

The PVC panels are white; it looks bright and clean. These panels are light-reflective; this means the panels can evenly distribute the reflected light. This helps in keeping your energy bills low, and this is what all customers find beneficial. Our vinyl panels can last for a lifetime; it would remain in good condition for almost 25-30 years without repairs and maintenance. 

Cleaning the restaurant walls can be a hassle, and when you are running a food facility, you must keep the interiors clean. But we told Frank that he need not keep extra cleaning staff. The panels are easy to clean and do not need any regular maintenance. These panels are very easy to clean and do not require any regular maintenance. The PVC panels also have a very smooth surface, and this allows very easy cleaning. Even due to the flat surface and the absence of cervices, bacteria cannot survive. 

Now the installation process is very simple; the panels are attached directly to the studs. There are proper grooves and tongues for adequate interlocking. You do not have to invest in any other extra material and labor charges, and you can install it by hiring only one professional. Employing more than one contractor will only speed up the process. 

Reach us for quality restaurant wall panels, and we have vinyl panels for various commercial purposes. Buy a PVC wall panel from the Duramax store. Please visit our website for more information, book a free consultation, and call us for a free sample. 

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