FRP Or PVC: What To Choose For Grow Room Wall Panels

vinyl panel

The owners of grow rooms often face a somewhat awkward situation when it comes to choosing between FRP panels and PVC panels for their grow rooms. However, the truth is that PVC panels are a better option as they have many advantages over FRP such as anti-mold and anti-bacterial properties, durability, low-maintenance benefits and much more. When you consider all the benefits of vinyl, there is no competition as PVC wall panels turns out to be the most suitable option for grow rooms. Hence, most grow room owners tend to invest in vinyl materials for the walling of their grow room facility.

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Here are some of the other benefits that prove why vinyl panels tend to provide better results than FRP when it comes to the protection of grow rooms.

Vinyl Panels Have An Easy Installation

Installing FRP panels can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you are doing. However, with vinyl panels, the process becomes a lot easier. FRP panels require 2 trained installers to apply the adhesive to the sheets and place the sheets properly. Vinyl panels don’t require the additional adhesives and backers that FRP panels do during the process of installation. This means that vinyl panels are installed in grow rooms by mechanically attaching to the studs.

The material costs with vinyl panels will be reduced by a significant amount. Also, vinyl panel installation is a single person job, and the process speed can be doubled if there are two people involved.

Low-Maintenance Requirements Of Vinyl Panels

Another one of the reasons why most grow room owners choose vinyl over FRP for grow room wall panels is that these panels have very low maintenance requirements. This is because vinyl panels don’t delaminate like vinyl does after a few years. FRP panels tend to rough textures and crevices making cleaning harder; therefore, maintenance cost is higher. When you have vinyl at such low maintenance cost, it makes sense long-term instead of opting for short-term FRP.

Light Reflective Properties Of Vinyl Panels

The cannabis plants inside the grow rooms require a large amount of light to grow well. Vinyl is light-reflective which means that it will allow plants to receive optimal light from all angles and grow proportionately. That is one of the main reasons why vinyl panels are a popular option for grow rooms.

Anti-Mold And Anti-Bacteria

Since vinyl panels tend to be water and moisture resistant, they don’t allow the growth of mold in the surfaces. Also, the smooth surface of vinyl panels with zero crevices means that bacteria will not be able to form inside.

These are some of the reasons why grow room vinyl panels seem to be a popular choice in this particular industry. If you have a project that needs to measured out or quoted give us a call today at 323-352-9279!

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