Get a moisture free grow room walls with Duramax Grow Room Vinyl Panels

Cannabis Grow Room

Your grow room walls have perished mainly because you had installed FRP which has already absorbed ample moisture and the FRP itself is now very old. You can never get a grow room that is moisture-free because without this moisture, your plants won’t grow healthily. But the moisture should only go to the plants so why on the walls and ceiling? If the interior smells of damp, starts peeling and is kind of dilapidated, remember the plants grow well in a healthy and fresh interior.

 Now if you are creating a grow room or revamping the existing one, remember that FRP attracts moisture; it’s not water-proof. The panels decay due to the absorption of excess dampness. It’s wise to invest in Duramax vinyl panels for grow room walls having anti-mold properties. Our grow room vinyl panels fights the entire FRP drawback, mainly infestation by mold and delaminating. In al not FRP but vinyl is ideal for areas that have high moisture content.

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Talking about our vinyl panel benefits, Duramax panels are anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and waterproof and light reflective. Duramax is manufacturing vinyl panels for more than a decade now so we are aware of all sorts of client requirements. Our panels are very easy to install, it does not require any adhesive or backers. FRP on the other hand relies on backers and excess moisture seeps into t walls from there. We design special Grow Room Vinyl Panels that keeps your walls dry and as good as new for years. Installing our panels you would be mesmerized by the durability. We manufacture premium panels yet so much cost-effective.

 Our panels have a special light-reflective capability and this is so beneficial for your grow rooms. Your grow room plants require a sufficient amount of light to grow well and in the process, it would be good if you could save some money on electricity. Yes, natural light can enter through our light-reflective panels and light that is distributed through the bulb is also distributed well.

 Now with the growing popularity of vinyl panels, people have almost discarded the cheaper FRP. If you compare the pricing, vinyl is expensive compared to FRP and this should not lure you towards investing in anything except vinyl. One time investment is no hassle but recurring expenditure and maintenance cost is much more hassle. When you invest in the little more expensive vinyl, you have no worries about any extra cost like repairs and maintenance. But FRP is less costly but you have to be prepared for sudden repairs, replacements and complex maintenance. Medicinal plants need a lot of moisture and light to grow well, this is why you need to install Duramax vinyl panels for your grow rooms. Call 323-352-9279 today to have a free sample of vinyl panels or to get a quote.

 For durable grow room walls, install Duramax’s Grow Room Wall Panels. All our panels are manufactured and quality checked, we manufacture panels adhering to the FDA norms. All our panels are made in the US and are fire resistant as well. Our panels due to the light-reflective quality can reduce the operational costs. Our vinyl panels have a white and bright surface which helps ample light to penetrate. Our panels are super smooth without any joints and fasteners, its very easy to maintain due to smoother surface.

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