Give Shopping Centers a Modern Look with PVC wall panels

Give Shopping Centers a Modern Look with PVC wall panels

Commercial shopping centers have been hotspots for consumerism and leisure for many years. When it comes to success for these centers, customers and traffic is king and the most popular destinations are the renovated and modern ones. PVC wall panels, or vinyl wall panels have become a great choice for shopping centers due to its sleek seamless bright appearance.

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Pvc wall panels are perfect for renovating shopping centers that use FRP panels. Not only does the overall frp cost end up higher due to the amount of labor and material cost needed, but PVC wall paneling is much easier and faster to install. Instead of needing adhesives to apply FRP panels, PVC wall panels screw straight to the studs.   

Outdated shopping centers have a gloomy and dull atmosphere that does not inspire consumers to shop. Pictured below on the left is a shopping center using FRP wall panels. You can clearly see the unsightly trimming and rough textured surface. After a few years FRP’s bright appearance begins to fade and may even peel off. With vinyl, the bright white appearance stays for years.

Maintenance required for vinyl is a lot lower than FRP as well. Since pvc wall panels have a seamless smooth surface and is water resistant, cleaning is easy. Walls that are high in places require careful scaffolding for workers to clean; having a material is easy to clean makes the process more effective. With rough textures and pieces of trim sticking around, cleaning FRP is difficult. Dust or dirt can hide in the crevices between each panel or trim. Unclean areas accelerate the aging look of FRP.

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Overall PVC wall panels are the new innovative solution to commercial properties. Install yours today by contacting Duramax Trusscore!



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