Grow room vinyl panels are light-reflective and can save energy charges

There is a great deal of dampness inside a grow room. Also, a damp climate is viewed as ideal for the growth of grow room plants. But overabundance dampness is unsafe for the grow room interiors. The dividers, walls, and ceiling can’t suffer moistness and can get damaged soon. When you put resources and set up a grow room, you anticipate that it should keep going long and wish that your plants would develop well. You can consider covering the walls and ceiling with waterproof grow room vinyl panels for this to occur. 

Select 100% waterproof vinyl boards from Duramax 

There are various sorts of wall panels; however, all don’t have waterproof abilities like vinyl. Additionally, vinyl boards have other restrictive advantages. Continue pursuing to know more. If you scan the web for vinyl board producers, you would choose Duramax that ranks high in the web indexes. Duramax designs great vinyl panels that are made from 100% virgin vinyl. 

Our FDA compliant panels go on for a lifetime 

All our vinyl boards are ASTM guaranteed to ensure they are excellent in terms of quality; the panels are FDA compliant. Security is the most basic factor; we grow room wall panels that are chemical safe and have a 1-hour fire grade that precludes any abrupt fire risk. Vinyl boards, once introduced, can keep going for a lifetime. Our panels can remain in good condition for around 35-40 years without showing any indications of harm or itself getting damaged. 

White and light-reflective wall panels

Duramax vinyl boards are white, giving us a tidy up look to the grow room and a ton of light. There should be a proper distribution of light for the solid development of those plants. Thus, light assumes a basic job, and here, our panels become an integral factor. Duramax boards are light-reflective; they are equipped for distributing the aggregate sum of mirrored light. This additionally helps save your energy charges, which is undoubtedly a significant saving in the long-term. 

Quick cleaning and low maintenance 

Duramax grow room vinyl panels don’t need a lot of cleaning or support. The panels needn’t bother with ordinary cleaning, and it tends to be cleaned effectively within a few minutes. You don’t need to spend any cash on recruiting extra workers for cleaning. The vinyl boards being smooth have no cervices. Consequently, there are no microorganisms to flourish under the surface. 

Install PVC panels and get rid of mold

In case your grow room is pervaded by shape, mold, and microorganisms; your plants won’t develop consistently. Only installing vinyl panels can prevent your walls from getting affected by concealing the interiors. PVC panels can be installed very easily; the panels are attached easily to the studs. This makes the installation process smoother; also, you need to hire only one contractor for the task. 


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