Henry’s grow room is all ready for growing healthy plants post installing Duramax’s PVC panels

Grow Room Vinyl Panels

According to Duramax’s statistics, you can save 50% of the labor costs and 40% of the material costs when you install vinyl panels. Henry was impressed after consultation with the Duramax experts. He immediately realized that he should install vinyl panels on his grow room walls and ceiling by getting rid of the damaged FRP panels. 

A few years ago, he had installed FRP wall panels around the grow room walls and ceiling. But now, he is worried about reinvesting. Knowing some out of the many benefits of vinyl panels, he chose Duramax vinyl panels


FRP is not suitable for humid commercial interiors

Henry now knows why FRP Panels are not suitable for damp commercial interiors. FRP panels are installed with backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood. The backers ruin the waterproof quality of FRP panels. The backers allow moisture to seep inside and run into the walls causing enough damage to the walls and the panels. The damage is caused due to the accumulation of moisture everyday which promotes bacterial growth. Hence, it would help if you had to repair the damaged walls and reinstall a panel again, which is also expensive. Henry is experiencing a similar situation and has reached Duramax for assistance. 

PVC panels can last for a very long time

PVC panels can last for more than a century, Duramax panels can last for 40-45 years without repairs and replacements. PVC panels do not have backers, also do not require any additional materials for the installation. The vinyl panels protect the cannabis grow room walls by not absorbing moisture and humidity.

100% waterproof grow rooms panels

Duramax PVC panels are high-quality panels that are 100% waterproof and do not attract bacteria. Installing vinyl panels inside a grow room is beneficial because cannabis requires a moisture-filled interior to experience healthy growth. So, let your plants get moisture but let not the walls and ceiling get damaged by the effects of humidity. 

Certified PVC panels 

Duramax PVC ceiling panels are extremely lightweight. They are chemical-resistance and come with 1-hour Class A rating fire grade. We have a separate team to look into the panels’ quality; the team does a thorough check before shipping the panels. The panels are ASTM, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant. 

Insulated and light-reflective panels 

PVC panels possess insulation qualities. This creates an optimum temperature for medicinal plants’ healthy growth. Also, sufficient distribution of light plays a big role in the growth of cannabis. Here vinyl panels are a boon; PVC panels are light-reflective. They can equally distribute the reflected light, which gives more light but less energy consumption. Duramax panels are available in white color, which makes the interior bright and looks cleaner. PVC panels help to maintain the hygiene of grow rooms by not accumulating bacterial growth. 


Enjoy the low maintenance

Cleaning the grow room walls is not a hassle when you install vinyl panels. These low-maintenance panels do not require regular cleaning. Wipe off with a cloth and light soap water. PVC panels have a smooth surface, unlike FRP; hence cleaning vinyl panels is easier. Also, the surface does not have creases and crevices, so bacteria cannot survive underneath it. 


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