Here’s why Vinyl Panels are the Ideal Choice for Your Dairy Facility

Dairy Wall Panels

Are you building or remodeling your dairy facility? If so, the most critical thing to remember is to keep your dairy farm hygienic and free of bacteria so that the dairy animals remain safe. Additionally, you have a pick a material for the walls that is water-resistant and perfectly meets the demands of milking condition. You wouldn’t want the walls rotting or showing signs of deterioration within a short period of time. This is why Duramax’s dairy vinyl panels are considered to be the ideal choice and in this blog, we have explained why.


Liquid from cleaning fluids, dung, lactic acid spillage and other such sources create substantial excess water in a dairy farm. The pooling of a lot of water can be a cause of serious hygiene concern as it may turn into a bacterial growth site. Water-resistant, non-porous walls are important to ensure that water does not stagnate and lead to unhygienic conditions. This is why vinyl panels are popular. They’re resistant to water and their resistance can be doubled where even water vapor cannot penetrate by installing a silicone sealant in between the panels.

No space between panels

Unlike FRP panels, vinyl panels do not have spaces between them. This means there are no spaces for mold and bacteria to hide in. Not leaving any gap for bacteria to accumulate is crucial for maintaining the health of the dairy farm animals. It also ensures that the milking facility is hygienic.

Vinyl panels are independent of secondary materials

Vinyl panels can be installed without secondary materials like, adhesives, coatings of paints, backers, fasteners and so on. Besides that, the panels are designed in 16-inch widths and can be easily installed by one person. So, additional help is not required in terms of materials or manpower.

Enjoy a high ROI

You may find it expensive to install vinyl wall panels, especially when compared to FRP panels and other materials. However, vinyl panels seem affordable in the long run and will fetch you great returns on your investment. Vinyl panels do not need any dry wood or plywood behind it as it comes with a built-in backer. Also, these panels do not need any additional materials, such as adhesives or even labor at the time of installation. So, when you compare the prices of vinyl panels and other materials by taking all of this under consideration, you will find vinyl panels are cheaper.

Hassle-free cleaning

Ease of cleaning is probably the most attractive thing about vinyl dairy wall panels. They can be quickly cleaned and thanks to their smooth surface, there is no fear of hidden bacteria. Moreover, you get to save a lot of precious time that can be invested in looking after the dairy farm operations.

So, vinyl panels are indeed the best solution for your dairy farm facility and Duramax can give you what you need. For a free sample of vinyl panels, get in touch without any hesitation.