How John planned to install a commercial kitchen wall covering from Duramax PVC

commercial wall panels

John is the owner of a small restaurant, and it has been a few years that its attracting customers. He struggled a lot to create this business of his own. The interior has a decent decor, but the kitchen walls are not in excellent condition. The walls go through a lot, so the commercial kitchen walls need a special covering. He got suggestions and planned to start with the project. Now, he was ready to install a commercial kitchen wall covering inside the kitchen and the dining area walls. 


Like John, if you are also planning for a consultation, we have experts who can guide you. We have been in this business for forty years; thus, we can lucidly explain how our panels can keep your walls super dry, 100% free from moisture. The commercial kitchen vinyl panels have no backers; this prevents moisture from seeping inside of the wall panels. PVC is water-resistant, your panels and walls can remain in excellent condition for a lifetime, which is almost 25 – 30 years. We suggested that he not opt for FRP at all; these panels have backers that attract water and moisture into the walls and panels to cause damage. This is one of the primary reasons why FRP panels are not long-lasting. Within a few years of installation, FRP shows signs of delamination, peeling off and damages. John was impressed that post-installation the PVC panels kept the kitchen and restaurant interior dry, it’s clean and hygienic with no smell of food. 

We went over to discuss the safety of our panels; we explained further that the panels are ideal for installing in commercial kitchens and restaurants; it has a 1-hour fire grade. This can forbid a sudden fire outbreak and will allow time to extinguish. The panels are very safe as it also does not attract chemicals. We manufacture white color and light-weight commercial wall panels that are light-reflective. This means the panels evenly distribute the reflected light, which can keep your energy bills low. 

John asked us about the quality, e assured him that we supply certified panels. All our panels are ASTM certified to ensure its FDA compliance. We run an automated quality check on all our products to ensure that it’s faulty before delivering to the clients. The panels are also very easy to clean, and do not need daily maintenance.

The surface of our panel is very smooth; there are no cervices that allows no bacteria to thrive on the surface. Why choose FRP when PVC comes with plenty of benefits? FRP panels have a rough surface, which is difficult to clean.  

It is easy to install waterproof commercial wall panels, hire a contractor in your locality. Most contractors find it easy to install Duramax vinyl panels. You do not have to invest in any extra material cost, and only one professional is sufficient to complete the installation quickly. A statistic says that you can save 50% of the labor expenses and 40% of the material cost. Finally, after installation, the client was satisfied; he had diners coming in and appreciating the interior that is so nicely done. The restaurant staffs are also pleased because of the new panels on the walls of the commercial kitchen. The overall hygiene is being maintained.

If you have similar plans and looking for a PVC panel manufacturer, get in touch with Duramax. Call us for a free sample, visit our website, and book a free consultation with us. Request us for a quote. 


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