How to effectively design a cleanroom

How to effectively design a cleanroom

Designing cleanrooms can sometimes be unclear due to the lack of information that discusses proper building material. The reason is because contractors were left with the task to analyze the best material using their years of expertise. Buyers now have the ability to do research on their on and examine the characteristics of different building material and weigh our the pros and cons themselves. This is incredibly powerful because it allows for informed decisions without the risk of being overpaying with a third party supplier. However, not all information about topics such as cleanroom building materials is accessible online in a neat and organized way. So we wrote out an article to help you starting with the most fundamental planning steps you need for a great cleanroom that adheres to regulation and code. Here are a couple of aspects to keep in mind when designing a cleanroom. Get a free quote or sample, call us today at 323-352-9279!

Surface- One of the most important aspects of a cleanroom is the ability for easy maintenance and cleaning. Different material has different surfaces; some can be porous or contain crevices that are hard to clean. Materials such as vinyl wall panels are smooth and seamless, meaning bacteria is unable to hide and cleaning takes half the time.

Scalability- A cleanroom can easily be created by just using the same walls as the existing building and layering a coat of paint certified for cleanrooms. This is by far the easiest and fasted method. However, it is also the least scalable. There are times where a business may need to scale or downsize and the requirement for a cleanroom’s capabilities follow. This may be an issue if you have a cleanroom that is built with material that cannot be easily shifted or rearranged.

If the business is one that is predicted to morph and change over time, then a cleanroom with wall panels that can be easily deconstructed and reused may be the preferable choice. Even though the upfront cost of the wall panels may be higher than drywall, the versatility of the wall panels can be the cheaper more efficient option in the long run.

Even more than just versatility, the value obtained from using wall panels is having walls that are durable, damage-resistant, water-resistant, and chemical resistant. Repairs are generally low to none for Vinyl wall panels. With vinyl wall panels, you won’t have to worry about accidental damages contaminating the cleanroom. Get a free sample today by calling 323-831-3979!

Chemical Resistance- Consider the various chemicals used in the cleanroom whether for production or maintenance. A lot of building materials are not resistant to chemicals and may deteriorate over time due to fumes or corrosion. Due to the standard of sterilization, stronger chemicals may be required in the maintenance of cleanrooms, having the right resistant material can be the difference between having a smooth running business versus disaster.

Strength and Lifespan-
Along with chemical resistance, the strength and lifespan of a wall panel will determine the need for replacement and repair throughout the business cycle. Generally the longer the lifespan the less disruption in the business due to repair. Durability can come with setbacks on its own depending on the material. Metals such as aluminum or steel are expensive and not cost-effective at all. Durable wood panels are not completely unified and may dispense splinters or shavings into the cleanroom. Vinyl offers the best of both worlds regarding durability, low cost, and unified structure.

Sometimes the best option isn’t the most expensive. It is important to review your cleanroom requirements to see the chemicals being used, sanitation requirements, and durability requirements. Cost is the ultimate factor when it comes to a budget, and vinyl is a great option. An even better option is dealing directly with the vinyl panel manufacturer. Duramax Trusscore has the experts that can provide you with all the info you need to make an informed purchase. Call us today for a free sample at 323-352-9279!


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