How to Fix or Prevent Water Damage on Garage Walls

PVC wall panels

The garage can sometimes be a neglected area of the house that is used only for storage. As the years go by, owners can discover that their garage walls have water damage, or even mold if unchecked. These issues are not just dirty garage walls, but also can lead to expensive repairs if the problem isn’t fixed. It would be a waste to not use the space for something more than storage. Many homeowners have garage remodel ideas. But before transforming the garage into a workshop, office space, home gym, or man cave, you need to address the wall issues.

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Whether you are looking for a modern clean look, easy to clean walls, or preventing mold permanently, PVC wall paneling is a great solution. Contractors and homeowners love PVC wall panels due to how simple and easy it is to install. These panels can screw directly to studs or walls and each panel interlock to create a seamless smooth surface. This means that installation is 4x faster than other walling materials and can be done with just a single person.

Garage owners that want to do a DIY garage project would not only benefit from the easy installation but also the easy maintenance of vinyl aka PVC. Vinyl is extremely water resistant and the smooth surface lets cleaning with just a water hose possible. Sometimes garages do not have much of a lighting system built so lighting can be a problem. Vinyl wall panels are very bright and light reflective making it more efficient.

Another aspect of maintenance is the durability of pvc wall panels. Since vinyl never chips, rusts, or peels, repairs are virtually nonexistent. The thick ½ inch panel has a honeycomb pattern that absorbs impact so the material does not crack as well. All these attributes give PVC wall panels a lifespan that never needs replacing.  

Overall, vinyl wall panels are a great choice to use for preventing water damage to garage walls, but they are also a great option to renovate as well. Start your garage makeover project right with pvc panels and it will turn out looking fantastic. There are many reasons why pvc panels are a great choice, but make sure all your needs are met by calling for a free consultation today at 323-352-9279!


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