How would you protect your grow room walls from excess moisture inside?

There is a lot of sogginess inside a grow room. Likewise, a soggy atmosphere is seen as ideal for the development of grow room plants. However, excess moisture is perilous for the grow room interiors. The walls and roofs can’t endure sogginess and can get harmed soon. If you invest a good amount of money in setting up a grow room, you would want the investment to be worth it. 

Setting up a grow room is a lot of tasks and doing the interiors to keep it damp-free is crucial. Consider covering the walls and roof with waterproof FDA compliant wall panels. There are different kinds of wall panels; all don’t have waterproof capacities like vinyl. Moreover, vinyl sheets have other prohibitive preferences. Check the internet for vinyl panel makers; you would pick Duramax that ranks high in the search engines. Duramax plans extraordinary vinyl boards that are produced using 100% virgin vinyl. 


All our vinyl sheets are ASTM ensured to guarantee they are fantastic as far as quality; the panels are FDA compliant. Security is the essential factor; we develop vinyl panels that are chemical resistant and have a 1-hour fire grade that blocks any unexpected fire hazard. Vinyl panels for cannabis grow room walls, once installed, can last for a lifetime; our panels can remain in great condition for more than 40-50 years. 

Duramax vinyl sheets are white, offering a clean look to the grow room and a huge load of light. There ought to be appropriate dissemination of light for the strong advancement of those plants. Consequently, light expects an essential work, and here, our panels become a necessary factor. Duramax sheets are light-intelligent; they are prepared for circulating the total amount of reflected light. Moreover, this helps save your energy charges, which is undoubtedly a huge saving in the long haul. 

Duramax grows room vinyl panels and does not bother with a ton of cleaning or backing. The boards do not require conventional cleaning, and it will, in general, be cleaned successfully in a couple of moments. You don’t have to spend any money on hiring additional laborers for cleaning. The vinyl sheets, being smooth, have no cervices. Subsequently, no microorganisms can prosper under the surface. 

Is your grow room infested with bacteria and mold? Then your plants won’t grow reliably. The easiest way is to install vinyl panels and protect the interiors from getting damaged due to excess dampness. PVC panels are installed seamlessly, easily connected to the studs. The installation process is extremely smooth and the least time-consuming. You have to hire one contractor to complete the task.

Are you planning to install vinyl panels for your grow room walls? We have a huge client base, and they are very satisfied with the quality of the panels we supply. Visit our website for more details, call our experts for online consultation—request a quote.

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