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Waterproof Wall Paneling

If you are planning for a shower wall and you wish to make it damp-proof? You already know that a shower wall has to endure so much moisture, but it can slowly damage the walls to a considerable extent. This would call for an additional expense because you have to repair the walls and then think of a solution to cover the walls. So, why not apply a wall cover beforehand? 


High-quality PVC panels require occasional cleaning and a little maintenance, but these panels can last for years, say almost 25-30. When the panels remain in good condition for so long, you can also imagine how good your walls can remain. Most shower walls have tiles installed, but even tiles lose their shine, attract dirt, and allow water seepage. So, probably nothing works better than plastic panels. It’s an affordable solution for modern bathrooms; we have different shower walls to suit your budget, from the simple ones to high-end ones. 

Duramax designs PVC panels for shower walls having an impermeable surface that arrests any moisture and is not prone to erosion. We follow a manufacturing technology where our Waterproof Wall Paneling solutions do not have backers. This is the most significant advantage; the absence of backers helps the panels to remain dry and free from bacteria and mold. When you have backers, like in FRP panels, moisture seeps into the wall panels, finally making its way into the panels. You must also know that FRP panels are not waterproof; the OSB, drywall, or Plywood backers attract moisture in huge amounts. This leads to early delamination, within a few years of installation. Moisture and water vapor accumulating between the walls and the panels regularly causes mold formation and bacteria. This damages the walls and the FRP board. But when vinyl panels do not have backers, there are no chances of damage. Adequate waterproofing is the current requirement that ensures that water splashes or condensation would not damage the panels. A wall paneling project involves expenses, imagine redoing that. Also, repairing the walls all over again would be another expensive task. So why not invest in vinyl wall panels?  

Keep reading to discover more advantages of Duramax PVC panels. If you feel that fire safety is paramount, you can swear by our panels. These can forbid any sudden fire hazard as it comes with a 1-hour fire grade. The panels are not affected by chemicals; it’s chemical-resistant as well. We supply nothing else apart from certified panels, credibility is a crucial factor, so our clients love us. All our panels are ASTM certified and ensure that it’s FDA compliant. We do not compromise the quality, it’s been forty years we are into this trade. 

The PVC panels are well-insulated, light-reflective, and white; all of these give a brighter appearance and lower your electricity bills. Order these low-maintenance panels; you also do not have cleaning expenses, wipe off or clean with a smooth wash. 

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