If you wish to install wall panels for your car wash garage use only Duramax Waterproof Vinyl Panel

Wall panels are mostly installed in industrial areas, there are various types of walling material but vinyl and FRP are the two most common types. Now there is a long debate about which one is better FRP or PVC, if you are interested in knowing the same, keep reading this blog. Today we are discussing wall paneling for car wash garages. Moisture is considered a villain because it ruins the walls and ceiling. Now you need to install a car wash wall panel that can arrest the moisture orelse it’s futile.


Car washes are generally filled with water, soap, liquids and moisture in general and the area is enclosed so dampness can affect really soon. For your car wash and other similar areas, vinyl is the most suitable walling solution. FRP is not waterproof. This material won’t last longer even if you install it. Yes, a lot of people have a tendency to install FRP mainly due to its low cost but the majority are not aware of the cons and the hidden costs. FRP walling can come off pretty soon, within months after installation. This gives rise to recurring expenses; you either call for repairs or have to do a replacement. But vinyl is a bit more expensive but again once installed it can last for years without having to replace or even repair.

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At Duramax we specially design waterproof vinyl panels that are durable and chemical resistant. We design white and light-reflective car wash wall panels that are ideal for garages that do not have sufficient daylight. Car wash garage walls are very easily prone to damage, thus you need material that is durable, waterproof and chemical resistant. At Duramax we have a lot of clients, who come to us for car wash garage solutions, they are mostly facing issues with the old FRP panels and wish to replace them. We suggest nothing else but vinyl panels, the most durable and long-lasting wall paneling solution.

Why do you think PVC is better than FRP? The discussion can go a bit deeper so that you understand better. FRP is not entirely moisture-resistant and this is why you need to install wooden backers and use adhesive. This allows moisture to quietly seep inside and cause harm to the walls. You already know that excess moisture in the walls cause peeling, mold and bacterial growth, finally harming your walls. But when it’s PVC the surface is so smooth that you do not need any backer or adhesive while installation. The surface being so smooth, there is no place for dust, dirt, mold or bacteria to accumulate. It is very easy to install our lightweight PVC panels; you can do it by yourself without any professional help.

There are ample advantages if you install waterproof vinyl panels. Duramax specializes in offering quality car wash wall panels. All our panels are made in our factory in the US; they are all FDA compliant and checked for quality before delivery. Explore the Duramax store, take a tour of our website and reach our experts for wall paneling solutions. Call us for a consultation, request for a quote and claim your free sample.