Install car wash wall panels on your garage walls to ensure the walls and the ceiling are waterproof

As the name suggests, a car wash garage is filled with dampness, which is detrimental to the walls and the ceiling. You can only do it and cover the walls and ceiling with waterproof wall covering. There is excess moisture inside a garage, so you need to create an interior to endure the dampness. You did spend a lot of money building a car garage, and in most cases, reinvestment is impossible. So, the wisest thing would be to invest some money in installing wall panels. Vinyl is a long-term solution, so investing in it would be worth it. 



100% water-resistant vinyl panels: 

Duramax manufactures vinyl panels for various commercial uses. We supply improved vinyl panels that are 100% water-resistant. We suggest installing garage wall panels and keeping the interior free from moisture. If you are looking for top manufacturers, you will find us among them. We have supplied vinyl panels for more than 40 years, and we rank on the top of major search engines. We also recommend clients to have a consultation with us to cater to your requirements and know us better. 

ASTM Certified vinyl panels: 

Duramax delivers panels that are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. All panels are made inside our factory; this is why the panels are affordable. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade, which means that the panels can prevent sudden fire hazards for a minimum of 1 hour. The panels are also chemical-resistant. We do not compromise quality; all the panels are checked for quality through an automated system before delivering to the clients. 


How much can you save with Duramax?

Duramax has the statistics clear to show you that you can save 50% of the labor costs and 40% of the material costs by installing our quality car wash panels. Also, Duramax panels help you to save on your energy bills. Our panels are white and light-reflective; the panels can equally distribute the reflected light. This helps to keep your energy bills low. 


Hassle-free installation:

Installing car wash wall panels is hassle-free and inexpensive. The panels are attached directly to the studs, there are no backers needed, and you also do not need to invest in any other extra material. Also, you do not have to hire more than one labor for the installation. The total installation time taken is only a few hours, so only one expert is sufficient; two people would only speed up the process. The panels can last for 25-30 years post-installation without any special maintenance.      


Low maintenance solution: 

A car garage also needs cleaning, but when you install garage wall panels, you do not have to invest time and money in daily cleaning. The panels are incredibly smooth with no cervices, so it is unfavorable for bacteria to survive. The soft panels also do not attract any dust and debris. 

Get in touch with Duramax: 

Are you planning to add a covering to your car wash garage? Talk to our experts for a solution. We have our website; you can refer to that for more information. Book a free personal consultation and request a quote.



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