Install Commercial Kitchen Wall Covering Designed By Duramax for a Lustrous Appeal

plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen

When you are primarily and solely in charge of keeping things clean then the task might prove to be daunting at times. An old fashioned shabby looking kitchen not only creates a negative impact but the belongings in the kitchen turn out to be fragile as well.


As dirt and mildew commence to accumulate at the base of the kitchen the appearance tends to become dull. We at Duramax opine to install Commercial kitchen wall covering so that your kitchen tends to last long. Read on to learn more about how it can prove to be advantageous.

  1. The overall cleaning becomes very much easy

The wall panels are not painted nor are they tiled. They are stain-resistant and are non-porous and are made from plastic or PVC. Water will no longer soak in and mould along with yeast and mildew will not penetrate in the floor or at the walls of the kitchen.

The wall protection panel has easy maintenance and stays clean and tidy for numerous years. As the wall panel from us does not peel off easily, there won’t be any crevices for food particles entering within. Debris and dust particles generally do not accumulate in the interior and cross-contamination decreases. There won’t be any airborne viruses along with bacteria and virus penetrating in it.

  1.  Covering makes the kitchens durable

The PVC wall panels are durable and they last. Whatever task we have performed, it has been found our materials never chip nor do they shed. As you install a wall panel in a commercial kitchen, you know that you are investing something for the future.

These coverings and panels are three times more impactful than that of FRP. At the end of the day, all you need is durability and flexibility. All we can say is you are sure to avail all of it after you get in touch with us. We are here to do the needful for you.

  1. The process is much more cost-effective

The wall panels and wall coverings are an ideal solution that meets the demands of the commercial kitchen. With the customised trims along with connectors and corners, we will install quick and easy solutions with minimal shut down in your kitchen. One can save time along with hassle and there won’t be any loss to your household activity.


Our kitchen wall panels and waterproof garage wall panels have been accepted far and wide by our customers. We must be thankful to all our employees as they have put their best foot forward as and when is required. 

If you think your kitchen or garage needs maintenance you can always get in touch with us. When it comes to reputation as a brand Duramax stands out from the rest. We have gained kudos from clients placed all across the states. Get in touch with us and experience the difference of positivity.


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