Install Dairy Vinyl Panels to keep your dairy room interiors damp and moisture-free

dairy vinyl panels

Dairy rooms have a great deal of dampness, and such a climate is viewed as positive for extracting milk from dairy creatures. Milk and other dairy items being powerless against microorganisms and bacteria should be preserved cautiously. If that isn’t done at that point, it could prompt food contamination. You can never dispose of the overabundance dampness in a dairy room, however then how might you control the moistness? 


One proficient path is a waterproof wall paneling solution to control the excessive dampness with the goal that the inside isn’t influenced by soddenness. Fundamentally, the dairy parlors keep up top-class cleanliness. Milk is utilized to make infant nourishments, wellbeing drinks for patients, and every day utilization, so it should be extricated and put away cautiously. Additionally, dairy animals should be kept in a hygienic and clean environment for longer life. 

Duramax proposes introducing dairy vinyl panels fundamentally because of the waterproof nature. Vinyl is 100% waterproof, and there is no other wall covering that has this quality. Subsequently, just vinyl boards are appropriate for industrial use and installed in damp inclined insides. If you wish to know why the panels are waterproof, they would state that they don’t have backers installed. No dampness can enter through the panels and arrive at the walls; accordingly, the panels and the walls are not harmed, and the vinyl panels are not prone to delamination. Once introduced, Vinyl boards can stay in excellent condition for a lifetime for around 40-45 years. It’s a one-time investment; the panels remain in top condition for years. 

A lot of customers approach us whether FRP is ideal for dairy parlors? FRP boards are not waterproof because of the presence of the backers. The dampness goes into the walls making the panels moist. FRP boards before long begin to give indications of harm because of overabundance dampness assimilation. The boards delaminate, and the walls are likewise harmed. 

Duramax panels are ideal for dairy parlors; they have a 1-hour fire grade and are chemically safe. Every one of our boards is ASTM certified to guarantee its FDA complaint. All our items are checked for quality before they are conveyed to the customer. 

Our vinyl boards have the most stretched out life expectancy when contrasted with any remaining sorts of wall panels. The installation process is easy and quick; you don’t need any extra interest in works or materials. We have numerous customers who must uninstall old and flimsy FRP boards and put in new vinyl panels. 


The boards don’t need any extra exertion or time to clean. Cleaning is simple and an exceptionally straightforward cycle; there is no daily maintenance required. To keep the panels clean, clear off or dust with a delicate material or flush off, and the panels will sparkle once more. 

Do you wish to buy a PVC wall panel? Trust Duramax, we are in this business for over 40 years, and we have been taking into account customer prerequisites. We are among the most prestigious vinyl wall panel suppliers offering quality items. You can book a free consultation with our specialists. Visit our site, reach us for a free sample, and request a quote. 

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