Install Dairy Wall Panels – Forget FRP Panels and dehumidification

Dairy Wall Panels

A lot of humidity inside a dairy farm can affect the overall hygiene of the interior. The quality of dairy products can perish if those items are not stored in a cold and dry environment. The handling and storing procedure should be taken care of to maintain the dairy products’ quality. 

Dehumidification is a very common process, but it is tedious in being laborious and time-consuming. It is about drying the air and eliminating the condensation that is accumulated inside. So, what is a long-term solution to fight the excess moisture inside a dairy room? 


Milk is full of nutrients and provides infant nourishments. It’s ideal for daily consumption. It’s a delicate drink, so the extraction, packaging, storing, and transportation are taken care of by dairy units. The dairy parlors in the USA try their best to maintain hygiene inside. Plan to install vinyl dairy wall panels to prevent dampness from affecting the entire dairy set-up. The panels can help to prevent the contamination of dairy products, milk, and livestock. 

Control humidity by installing vinyl wall panels 

If you already own a dairy parlor that needs humidity control measures, take all the steps necessary, including installing wall panels. In case you are framing ideas to open your farm soon, install vinyl panels while doing the interiors. Please book a consultation with our team; we would guide you in the right direction. We also customize if you share your ideas with us. Research vividly over the internet, refer to our website for details before you finally order.

Vinyl panels can arrest bacterial growth

Dairy parlors as per client requirements; it has different layouts, sizes, and shapes. There are different rooms inside, including milking rooms, mechanical rooms, storage rooms, livestock houses, laundry, toilet, shower room, and more. There is enough moisture inside the entire unit, which can promote bacterial growth. Installing PVC ceiling panels and wall panels can keep the inside clean and hygienic. PVC panels, unlike FRP, do not have backers, so there is no inlet for moisture to get into the panels or seep deep into the walls. Vinyl panels are very efficient in maintaining a dairy unit. 

Long-lasting vinyl panels 

PVC washable wall panels follow a simple cleaning process. The panels do not require daily cleaning or regular maintenance. The PVC panels do not attract bacteria or impurities because the surface is very smooth and crease-free. Wash the panels occasionally with soap and water. 

The longevity of vinyl panels can directly affect your expenses. Invest in installing dairy wall panels for once, and it’s a solution for a lifetime. The panels have a shelf life of more than a century, and they can remain in great condition for 40-45 years.

PVC is a savings in the long run

PVC initially is more expensive than FRP, but it’s the price you pay once and never think of spending on repairs. Installing PVC is beneficial in the long-term. Hence, vinyl is more affordable when compared to FRP. The latter dominates within a few years of installation, which calls for expensive repairs. 

Book a consultation with Duramax 

Choose to install dairy wall panels instead of looking for FRP suppliers. Ask us for a free vinyl panel sample.


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